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We help your business be found on Google for the keywords that your buying clients put in search.

Find your people

Campbell’s Soup wanted a spaghetti sauce (Prego) for the masses, but what they found through a legendary foodie psychophysicist [who asked the right questions of spaghetti lovers], was people actually like 3 types of sauces and one of them; extra chunky spaghetti sauce, was not being made by any of their competitors. Taking advantage of this opportunity Prego launched an extra chunky sauce which immediately took over the spaghetti sauce market and generated $600 million in profits over the next 10 years. 

The sign of a good business is one that listens to it’s clients.  Good data, from smart campaigns, gives you the opportunity to know your niches, because click behaviour can put your visitors into buckets. .

What can not be duplicated about your business? Your tribe/niche, so curate them wisely.

Data Doesn’t Lie

The guys at Google are smart.  But they can’t make every Analtyics account the way your business needs it to be set up.  Each business has it’s unique blend of tracking behaviour that helps you identify journeys.  The better you get at those journeys, the faster your business grows.

A good Analytics account can track behaviour from YouTube, FB, Email, Organic, other softwares, all into the one place, your Analtyics Dashboard.  But sadly too many people are trying to master too much tech at once.  We aren’t.  Analytics and Adwords, that’s it.

Imagine as the owner of your business, you had an over view of where your business was at due to organic and paid traffic.  No matter who was in charge of your marketing you can see fast what the figures are telling you.

Clicks to your site from any campaign or organic content holds data that can help you identify the patterns of buyers and tyre kickers and how to capitalise on your business’ busy times of year.  Every business has a marketing cycle and there are some that are long standing and some that haven’t been discovered yet.

Setting up your Analytics Dashboard correctly will allow you to see what organic and paid traffic is making/costing your money in automated weekly or monthly reports.

That which is measured can be improved, leveraging the measuring in the data, allows us to develop a strategy from the clients’ patterns.

Smart Google Ads

As consumers, we no longer go online; we simply live there — what makes a good Google Ads [formerly Google Ads] strategy is knowing how to fine tune campaigns so that the end goal is to have a positive ROI and then all you do is put money behind it at the rate your business can handle.

Done right any size business can use this as a marketing tool.  Start with the basics and as the profits roll in you can start layering on other campaigns and segments with your ads.

Google Ad strategies can help make your new/old content start ranking faster and eventually go organic over time.  It’s much more than just a great ecommerce tool.

As you grow you can move into different markets and enter them wisely.   Other avenues like Facebook and Instagram and YouTube marketing are relevant to different businesses, we don’t do those, we do Google Ads and consult with you and if needed recommend people to help you with those platforms.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Knowing the buyer cycle means you know when to start your seasonal campaigns for higher conversions.  Knowing when to turn off or renew campaigns. 

This is where we take the data from said campaigns above and with your analytics dashboard set up to validate strategies.  Say videos are helping with product sales, but the data finds out that they only watch 30seconds of the video, then you go back and redo the video but to 30seconds to make sure that the relevant information is told = education = certainty = buying. 

Ordinary things consistently done, produce extraordinary results.   Keith Cunningham

A good marketing strategy can help you know when to plan and ship new content to support an upcoming campaign.  We help you develop content ideas for your website and social platforms. 

Data doesn’t lie and we provide you with good data to help your business make the right next decision. Our goal is to grow with you.


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“You have more leverage than ever before, and probably ever again.  You can reach more people and change more minds, enable more connection and possibility than ever before.   Let’s not waste it, because we are afraid’  Seth Godin

Most business owners just need a pivot or tweak to what they are already doing to take their business to the next level.  What we specialise in at Rumble is we help identify what blindspots you have in your business, your clients and your funnel and resolve that with the main objective being increased market share and sustainable business growth. 

We work with a few clients at a time, so let’s get to know if we are a right fit.  Reach out and tell us a bit about what your business.