Business some days can be brutal, Oprah Winfrey in starting up Soul Sunday after closing down her midday show even discussed the challenges she faced in starting this new model of business for her, every business does, that is what sorts the good from the great.  Even with all her wealth and pool of knowledge and connections at her fingertips, Oprah had challenges.  Sometimes in business and in the digital landscape there are challenges because there is a lack of knowledge of what strategy is the best to implement at this time, for the long game, for the team, for the best outcome for all involved in the business; staff, management, customers, suppliers.

And it all comes down to good management, good leaders, good strategy and a good Why.

When it comes to designing an effective marketing strategy for your business online there are many decisions to make and at times it can be overwhelming, this has to be argued from the point of view from me being the digital marketing leader, the head of your company there has to be a plan, a good strategy in place when you are looking to become a digital player in both marketing and online presence.

The strategy of getting on a platform because it has great KPI for your spend but does not convert into actual sales or phone calls is a waste of money and time.  A good strategy takes into account; who, why, what, when.

Who; are your clients, what is the general persona development you can do around the statistics you have from visits to your site, conversions in your advertising online and offline and the after sales sentiment; feedback.

Why; did they convert, were they happy, what was missing on the site when they came to your site from a campaign or an organic search result, would they refer you are they are raving fan, content customer or someone who did not gain enough information to choose are a long lead.

What; are their pain points, what are they looking for, what further information do they need.

When; are they researching, are they in the awareness stage of the need, the decision stage of the purchase or the post purchase engagement stage.

When you are responsible for digital marketing and conversions on your site, the processes of awareness, sales and engagement are different to offline and that is why, quality content, right digital platform strategies and acknowledgement of the needs of the customer are all relevant in the process of servicing your audience with a personal touch.

The winners in business today are the ones that realise that the customer is key to the entire marketing and sales process, and their why, when and how is vital to our ability to be able to market, educate and engage with the style and format that is YOUR business.

Complacency is not how you will win online, always consider the user experience when you are setting up a campaign and how easy it is for them to convert once they are sent to the landing page linked to your campaign.  There is always a lot to consider when you put together an effective digital marketing campaign online, but done well it will show you fantastic engagement and conversion results.

Take 20 mins to watch this video by Gary Vaynerchuk, it will inspire you to take the leap into a digital marketing strategy to convert your business online.

This is how I work with our clients, there is a lot of research and planning that goes into making relevant content for our clients that starts to attract clicks, views and organic social reach from day one.  we also have a close link with our clients sales team to make sure what we are increasing sales and profits that make our clients happy.


Thank you for reading.

We really appreciate it.

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