Staying focused on how to be effective in your digital marketing especially when it aligns with your business goals and voice, should always be your goal.

The changes in the business and marketing landscape in the last 20 years have been likened to the start of the industrial age in relation to the impact it had on society and business.  What used to be a certainty; newspaper/magazines, radio, television, are now second place, for most businesses, when it comes to being effective in your digital marketing strategy.

Why you need to be more effective in your digital marketing plans

Business spending in traditional marketing is slowly shifting over to digital marketing and by 2020 the spend on digital marketing is projected to double.  Fortune favours those with a good digital marketing strategy and a solid content plan directed to your targeted audience.

Using general buyer personas allows a lot of opportunity for businesses today to speak directly to their audience about their benefits and offers.  With targeted content and marketing campaigns online marketing can produce a cost effective digital campaign with a higher conversion rate.  Using data from analytics is key to identifying how to be effective in your digital marketing strategy.

How to be more Effective in your digital marketing strategy

Content is a product that you write/produce, to be able to target your audience. When you offer your clients value, they will begin to trust your business, come back to your business, recommend your business.  Create a content marketing strategy that gives relevant information/insights  to your audience. Your content should be relevant to the current times and up-to-date on online search habits. Know your customer needs, social media habits, and offer quick and easily solutions that make their life easier. How to be effective in your digital marketing first requires some business research and reflection.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is their pain point?
  • Can you offer insight that will influence a purchase decision?
  • Where do they go to resolve their issues?
  • How, through quality content, can your business can offer insights that make their decision easier for them?


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Know who your customer is

Do not use your own judgement, gather data through statistics; previous purchasing habits, Google Analytics, surveys, and reviews. Identify which social media platform they are most likely to be on and push your optimised, targeted content out to your audience. The beauty of digital marketing is that through testing, statistics and analytics, identifying what works and what doesn’t is immediately known.  This enables changes to be made along the way to improve, refocus and optimise  your content so that within a week/month you have a good resource of understanding of what works for your business.

Use our buyer_persona_template and identify 3 key pain points to identify your customer personas.

Create Engaging Content

Make sure your content stands out and is relevant to your audience. Your website should provide information that makes them stay on your site. Longer time on site mean engagement! Google loves engagement and will reward you with higher search rankings. Think about whether the content you are writing is shareable.  Read 20 tips on what makes content shareable.  People like to share things that give them a sense of awe,  laughter, or amusement. Write in a way that generates leads and encourages customers to take action.

Questions to ask yourself when creating content:
  • What is the objective of this content?
  • Who is it for? What stage of the funnel; awareness, decision, entertain, is my client at when they come across this content?
  • Will the audience learn something?
  • Which social media platform will this be optimised for?
  • Do your tips solve issues potential customers were searching for online?

Focus on Video

2016 is about the video; Facebook, YouTube, Google each have different algorithms but they are all working to favour video; longer timeon page = higher engagement, short attention span of users today online which makes this an easier medium to consume. Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, you will need to incorporate some form of video into your content strategy; educate, inspire, inform, entertain, to improve engagement to your target audience.

Take a look at Gary Vee, he is hitting it out of the park with Video production, he uses his phone to produce some of his overall video content in his car, on a plane.  most of it is edited and quality produced but he doesn’t shy away from over produced content, always use the launch and learn method, people are a lot more patient about the delivery quality when the content is good.


Attention – attract the attention of your reader (with an enticing headline).


Interest – give fresh and insightful information that’ll interest the reader. add interesting introductions for your posts.

Desire – stir your reader. convince him to believe in your idea by stating its proven benefits.

Action – once the reader has engaged with your copy, don’t assume he’ll take the necessary next step.

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When it comes to being more effective in your digital marketing… Guess work will not give you results.

If you want your traffic to convert into sales, you have to understand your audience and your analytics. Do topic research, understand your audience objectives, write down your goals and understand what you want your content to do.

Consistency and time along with a good base of content and authority will allow you to see tangible impacts of your work. Good content, will have an impact but it is a slow burn growth that will have unlimited lifetime results, done well the first time.

“It takes least 4-5 months for a new website to pick up significant search engine traffic. Because you’ll end up getting stuck on page 25 for competitive industry keywords.” Neil Patel.

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In a recent SEO report, we identified that it takes 401+ pages on your site before Google starts seeing you as an authority in your field, write, produce, share, but be relevant, don’t just put something out there, make it count for an objective in the client purchasing funnel.

To sum it all up:

Remember your business is no longer just a business, it is a media outlet, you get to speak directly to your audience to share your awesome, so don’t overthink it, be authentic and don’t be too grabby for sales.  Give a little, it will pay off in the long run, and keep a balance in your content generation so you know which content is the give content and which content is the ask.

Here’s a 3 minute video from Jay Baer, on how to build your business into a brand.

To get yourself in the mood of planning what your business will do online, get a little motivated first, good ideas always come when you are in the zone.

In the effort to keep this blog simple we have just lightly covered two aspects of sharing content.  the key is, to identify where your audience is, produce content relevant to that platform and do it regularly.

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