A strategic website audit outlines steps you can take to help increase your rank and  revenue.

It is difficult, but necessary, to keep up with the many changes in how search engines determine how to rank your site in search results. It used to be a website audit evaluated keywords, title tags and backlinks links in order to get your site to rank. Now there are hundreds of things that are taken into account.

Search Engine Watch completed a study with BrightEdge and identified that an estimated 51% of all website traffic is from organic search, not through paid advertisements. Knowing who your audience is and what is happening with your content, campaigns and the overall health of your website is crucial.

Your audience is no longer relying on print and television ads to make a purchasing decision. They’re searching the web for solutions to a problem. They research, learn and connect with brands online well before they walk into a store, pick up the phone or purchase online.

A proper website audit focuses on the overall digital marketing strategy.

Your online strategy needs to focus on offering a solution to your targeted audience. Knowing your customer segment and educating them without always selling to them is key.  You must provide value before they even become a paying client.

Your website, social engagement and content should provide a sense of trust and authority. You must deliver relevant content to the right people, offer a great user experience and engage with them socially. [clickToTweet tweet=”Targeted, solution-focused content = less tyre kickers in your sales funnel.” quote=” Targeted solution focused content = less tyre kickers in your sales funnel.” theme=”style2″]

This is where Rumble fits in.

Most digital agencies will offer a quick website audit to tell you how many links are broken, how fast your site is performing, what images need tagged, etc… What is missing is the actual digital marketing strategy you need to increase your leads and convert more sales.

Rumble Media website audits focus on identifying your customer buyer journey and analysing the content and engagement strategies. We will help you and your team identify the path buyers take before and after purchase and what you need to do to improve their experience. And of course we fix the technical stuff as well!

website audit of customer buyer journeys

The good thing is that it’s not all or nothing with Rumble. We’ll start with a brief overview of your digital platforms, suggest some quick website edits, social media strategies and provide you a short video for you to preview our suggestions.

Then depending on your time and budget we can either coach you through everything or implement changes for you.

It doesn’t cost a thing to learn more about our website audits… Give us a shout!

Let Us Review Your Marketing Goals

We help Small Business Owners find the blind spots in their marketing strategy and campaigns so that you can make your marketing dollar go further.

I can’t help everybody… but if you’re selling your own information and services, have an e-commerce store or develop courses online and are ready to harness marketing automation to build and run a sustainable business, then I can help you.