In a generation where mobile phones play a massive-integral part in our lifestyle, mobile marketing will be of a critical influence to target the right audience for our businesses and goals. Facebook’s new feature– Facebook Canvas is the best tool to market to mobile user.

It is an advanced marketing technique that requires a larger advertising budget, so it’s not for everyone. If you have the budget, the skills, great storytelling capabilities and video content generation down pat, you’ll be amazed by the features. We’ll walk through it here to help you along.

How to start with Facebook Canvas Builder

First, name your Facebook Canvas

An Untitled Canvas placeholder will appear on default. It is important to name your Canvas to set identity among all of your projects and campaigns. It will also help you avoid duplicate Canvas projects. 

Facebook Canvas builder screenshot

Next, Select a theme.

There are 3 options to choose from, White, Black and Custom. For Custom option, you should have a pre-created design which you will integrate with Facebook Canvas.

Facebook Canvas theme screenshot

Then create a Header.

You can upload a photo for the logo and there are options for the Background Color and you can adjust the Background Opacity. For best results, images should be 120 x 44 pixels. For the header, the maximum length is 882 px and height should be 66px at max.

Facebook Canvas header screenshotFacebook Canvas Photo Screenshot

How to use Facebook Canvas Components


You can include photos on your Canvas by uploading the file using the Upload Photo button.  Include the Destination URL which will redirect the user to your desired links (your website, landing pages, forms and blogs). There is also an option where you can select the display settings of your photo. Chooses Default for static display, Tap to Expand for extended display, and try the amazing feature– Tilt to Pan.  Image sizes = 1920 h x 1080 w with 72 DPI.

Canvas FB 6

CTA (call to action) Buttons

Facebook for business is widely used by most business owners today. With the accessibility to penetrate the market through online presence, it really creates a vast opportunity for lead generation, conversion and sales. Canvas has this feature of letting you add Call-to-action (CTA) buttons to execute marketing mechanism more efficiently.

To create a button, type on the text field your desired content/title with font style and size customization. You can also modify the layout, alignment and orientation including the text colour.

Choose your CTA colour in consideration with your design and with your marketing intent. For a better and smart choice on what colour would best fit your purpose read this article.

Choose your button style from border and fill together with the position of the button. The default option is In Line wherein the button will be passing through the screen once navigated. While, the Fixed to Bottom option will make your CTA button sticky on the bottom part of the screen.

Canvas FB 5


Video Marketing is one of the most effective tools to express value proposition and engagement to your audience/prospect clients. You can add videos to your canvas but it is recommended to keep your video under 2 minutes and use captions for your audience who cannot play the video.

There are options for video scaling to choose from. The default is video display on its actual size and orientation and Tilt to Pan to extend the video view depending on the position of the device.

Facebook Canvas Video Screenshot

Text Block

Here is where you talk to your audience, more intensively. You can add text content, stories, details, guidelines and statistical data which will complete your marketing presentation. Text can be customized with its font style, font size and colour, orientation, alignment and effects.

Facebook Canvas Textblock screenshot


One of Facebook’s intelligent feature is the Image Carousel. Where a set of pictures can be navigated using horizontal swipe without leaving the actual location of the screen. You must upload at least 2 images to create a carousel. You can also add a destination URL if you want your users to be directed to a page when they click your images.

Product Set

Other component is Product Set where you can market your product catalog or a button. You can include images with supporting text as descriptions. Choose your Product Catalog and select a Product Set. Also, tell Facebook how many products you want to display by setting the values under the Display Up To field.

To Sum It All Up:

Develop your images; content images should be 120 x 44 pixels, header, the maximum should be 882 px and 66px H at max.

Develop your video; > 2 minutes, remember it is being consumed on mobile as well and data usage will be a concern.

A CTA linking to a developed landing page; you want people to convert so make it a fluid process from Facebook to your page to the offer.  Keep it simple for the user experience.

Good to Know: If you don’t have a large marketing budget,  Facebook Canvas may not be the best option for you. It’s going to be more expensive than other ads on Facebook because of in-depth presentation and highly targeted capabilities.

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