Still casting seeds to the wind with your marketing efforts? Here’s why you need to stop doing that, and instead start building highly targeted marketing campaigns that reach your perfect customer.

Digital marketing has changed the way we do business. Unlike before, you now have the ability to carry out incredibly focused marketing campaigns where demographics, user behavior, lifestyle, and even prior purchases guide your efforts and allow you to hone in on exactly the right customers.

With so much marketing power at your fingertips, why are you still carrying out tired, generic campaigns that target no one?

Are you Stuck in the Bygone Era of Product-Centralism?

“Build it and they will come” may have worked for Kevin Kostner’s character in the movie Field of Dreams, but it makes a poor slogan for modern marketing campaigns.

Nobody blames you if that’s your approach to marketing. After all, that method actually worked for over a century when consumers had fewer choices and limited resources. It worked just fine before the internet changed everything.

You see, today, business owners are faced with a population of online consumers who have tons of options. You can “build it”, but so can a dozen other businesses. You can try and compete by undercutting your competitor, but he can turn around and do the same to you.

targeted marketing campaigns

Early adopter small businesses and customer driven large businesses; Starbucks, Apple and even Walmart are changing the way they do business with their marketing. They’ve developed ways to be able to customise their service to their customers to help keep the business edge above their competitors.

They know a “One to many” marketing agenda, where your product sits at the centre of a marketing whirlwind of promotion, is no longer their best bet for attracting customers. That old product-centric world has changed forever, due to the consumer becoming more informed, empowered and easily distracted by all that competes for their attention online.

Forget Product-Centrism and Focus on Your Customer Personas

People expect their needs to be met immediately, so offering anything less than personal appeal and high value for the consumer just won’t cut it. For example, unless your targeted email marketing campaign offers exactly what your ideal customer really wants, and at the right time, it’s all money down the drain.  This is where developing your customer personas and the pain points they are looking to solve, even if it is where to eat, what to buy for a special event or where to go for a holiday, they want to feel like the marketing/content is targeted towards them.  This builds a level of trust and it is that trust that will make them choose your business over your competitors.

Now, it’s the consumer who sits at the centre of that whirlwind of marketing. Now, you must find your ideal customers. Are you targeting Millennials? Seek them out and offer them what they want. “Build it and hand-deliver it wrapped in a bow.”

targeted micro moments

Welcome to Consumer-Centric Marketing

For business owners, all this translates into one simple statement: your online marketing tactics need to be focused, engaging, value-driven… and carried out on the right platform.

Whew, that’s a lot!

In short, digital marketing is about developing the long term value of the customer through acquisition, retention and development of a long-term relationship that leads to brand loyalty and repeat business.

Again, that’s quite a lot. But you can begin by focusing on one idea that drives everything else you do for your targeted marketing campaigns:

Think About Building A Long-Term Relationship With The Ideal Customer

Focus on the segment of your audience whom you have identified to be the most viable for long term marketing. What will allow you to develop long term value for that client? The goal here is to orchestrate messaging tactics that speak directly to the preferences and behaviour of those people. It costs 80% more to market to new clients, it is a lot more cost effective to improve the customer lifetime value of your existing clients, even if you have a long purchase cycle or a once in a every ten years purchasing event, you have the opportunity to develop raving fans from your existing and aspirational clients.

customer journey map

An interesting story I heard at a digital conference was from one of the speakers who loved Tesla, she couldn’t afford a Tesla but it was an aspirational buy for her.  But how her value came in contact with the brand is that she had friends who bought Tesla’s based on her glowing recommendations and product insights that for those peers they valued her word and through her Tesla has sold 4 cars.  So even if who you are targeting is not in your buyers funnel now, they are making an impact on the people who buy from you in one way or another, ensure you make a good influence.

But how…?

Now that you’ve got your head in the 21st century and you know you must focus on targeting your ideal customer and offer them exceptional value and personal attention, you’ll need to know how. But don’t worry: thriving in the age of customer-centrism doesn’t make marketing any more difficult than is used to be… just different!

1.  Develop Good Data

Have your Google Analytics set up so that you can identify; buyer funnel, high drop off pages, high engagement pages and main keywords.  Facebook campaigns, make sure you have UTM’s set up on your Bitly link so that you can identify your social media links otherwise they all go under the / section of your data.

User Facebook Insights to tell you more about the people who engage with your Facebook campaigns, if you haven’t got any, you need to develop one even at $5USD a day.  This can help you identify user behaviour, but you also need to have a strategy beyond a “Like” campaign, that is vanity clicks and usually doesn’t really attract the right kind of clients to your FB/Website, make sure you always have a goal and purpose in mind.

hotjar heatmaps software

Set up a NPS score survey on your site and also some heat-maps; HotJar is a great tool for that and it is a steal for what it gives you in return.  Believe it or not, the best way to understand your clients is to ask them about your business, but ask them the right questions that help you uncover the answers you need to help improve and eventually scale your business.

2.  Develop a Content Strategy

Now you know who and where your clients are engaging with you, get to know their pain points and generate content around solutions and tips that are not only central to your business but generally making the life of your customer easier.  There is too much, what is in it for me, rather than how can we improve the life of our target audience with what we offer.  Love your audience and that will build trust and that will increase your brand voice.  You have smarts around your business that you have developed over time, share that, infuse it with your personality – people like doing business with people they like, so be you.

Do video reviews of your product and others.   Do video tutorials on how to get the best out of your product.  Do videos that is about who your business is as a brand.  The power of video is building that familiarity online, then we they choose to do business with you, they already feel that they know you, that is the real gold of video – I know it may be a little uncomfortable to talk to your audience in video, but you can do tutorials on screen but make sure you include you glorious mug at some point in the video so they associate the voice with you.  I hate it too but these things are for the greater good of making your business awesome online so just do it.

iographer iphone holder

A great tool for iPhone users; iOgrapher Scott is an amazing dude here in Australia so go through him as that will save you the $150 shipping.

I have just come back from a content marketing conference in the US and these are a few of the Video Editing softwares that were on display that I really loved and were an economical investment. Go animate and RenderFX

3.  Email Marketing Campaign

So, this is a big one and I am going to take the road of brevity here.  But this is what you need.   You need a lead magnet so that you can capture your leads emails address and then, otherwise they remain an IP address in your CRM/Google Analytics and in the end a fish that got away.   With that you set up a lead nurturing email campaign, prime them on your business and its awesomeness, so what are the key things that your business is good at and then educate them on that.  Then identify a smart list that they are relevant for and put them in there once they have passed through the lead nurturing emails.

email marketing strategy

Active Campaign is what everyone is loving atm, it has a build in CRM which is great if you do not have a complex lead nurturing strategy for your business.  Speaking to email marketing specialists this is the one that nearly 80% recommend.

4.  Strategy

The key to remember here is that every business requires a different online strategy, and to be honest some businesses need a little while others need a lot.  The key is to not get bogged down into all the bells and whistles of software as a service for your business as most of the time just changing the way your business utilises online marketing can make all the difference in scaling your business in today’s market place.

Have a plan, generate less content but higher quality content and get someone to tweak the SEO, the images and the automation marketing in your business and you will be on your way to a marketing strategy that will allow you to generate more qualified leads to your business either by phone calls, email, online sales or good old walking in the front door.  This is really the gold of digital marketing today, with the right online marketing you are attracting more of the right kind of customers to your business and less of the tyre kickers.  This alone will give you more time to generate better business ideas and delivery for your business. That is what we focus on at rumble.

At the recent CMW in Cleveland, Ohio, I made the right decision to sit on Matthew’s talk and as the Principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce, I found his talk one of the most exciting at the conference.   This isn’t an endorsement of Salesforce, just Matthew.  I am in two minds about the software in the sense that the software is expensive, if you are a small business who is newly adopting to digital the add ons drive the price beyond the budget for most.
But the software and the scale of learning they are able to do is nothing to be sneezed at.

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