Your online presence carries a heavy load- it’s your ambassador, your sales team, your PR department, and of course it establishes your authority and trust in the online community. Customer personas must play a central role to help you with all of that. 

Whether your starting out, or have been in business for a while, personas matter.

If you really want to win in any form of marketing, developing an understanding of your customer personas will set the tone for your marketing strategy, both on and offline.  When you know your customers intent, objectives and pain points, then you can write copy, position your products and develop a marketing campaign that will have better conversions.

Digital Marketing Extends Far Beyond Your Website

Your website is just the beginning of what it takes to win at digital marketing. You need to write informational blogs, share your content, and develop email campaigns to help educate and nurture your audience to trust your business.  Google has identified this information and strategy are key steps in the micro-moments of discovery that consumers have in the process of getting to your brand.  Stick with us, we have a plan

Crafting detailed personas will help you create relevant content, combined with a strategy to make sure your content gets in front of your target audience, you will need a distribution plan and Content Tools.

At the most recent Content Marketing World Event (CMW2016), we learned 50% of content is being shared 8 x or less.  So today, your business needs to be effective in its content generation, less but better quality content especially with your target audience in mind will generate more leads.


  1. Content is not relevant: brands publish content that doesn’t resonate with their target audience, which results in partial or total lack of engagement.
  2. Content is not found: with more and more content being published every day, getting your content in front of your readers requires investing heavy in distribution.

A multi-channel strategy that shares your message across a colourful variety of platforms… social media, included.  In short, if you’re not elaborating your unique selling point and connecting to your clients in a plentiful variety of ways, you’re not competing at full capacity.

Let’s Talk About ‘Customer Personas’

In essence it’s a fleshed out description of your quintessential customers. Speaking to your audience post purchase is the best way to identify what their worldview is and what their pain points are, a survey on the Thank You page on your site is a good strategy to consider. Then you can understand what instigates their need for your business solutions and better identify how to provide the best value. A book suggested at CMW 2016 was The Ask Book, is a guide in asking better questions from your audience to give you insights that prove helpful.

What are the problems that your persona dedicates time, money or political capital to? What does success mean to your persona (this can be either a tangible or intangible metric). What barriers does your persona face to interacting with your business? How will your persona evaluate your service or cause? Adele Revella

Tony Zambito “Buyer Personas are rooted and founded on the principle of understanding the influence of goal-directed buying behaviours.  Within a larger context, buyer personas are an element of a human-centered approach to marketing focused on fulfilling goals.”

Developing your customer persona, it’s a process, to be sure, and it’s not easy because it takes time. But the payoff… well it’s pretty powerful. It provides a template for your marketing team to develop your business/product/service content allowing marketing & strategies to be developed and directed into an effective lead nurturing campaign that will educate and nurture your clients to choose your business.

Speak Directly to the Right People With Your Digital Marketing Campaign

The end goal to this strategy is to build a relationship with your target audience prior to them choosing your brand for their solutions. People do business with people they like and the entire journey of content generation from the view point of your persona is to develop that familiarity, known as social trust.

As you develop content that fits your personas, and targeted correctly, it will be in front of the right people at the right time, on the right platform.  It is definitely no longer a hit and miss with marketing.  Data is the key strategy in making sure your campaigns and content are resonating with your audience. Many softwares are available to identify dead or powerful content and how to leverage those comes down to your marketing people.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Data, personas & quality content is the key 2 making sure ur content converts.” quote=”When you generate content that speaks to your audience, they see your brand content; images, blogs, video, tutorials and guides as a point of connection. ” theme=”style1″] When you generate content that speaks to your audience, they see your brand content; images, blogs, video, tutorials and guides as a point of connection. That engagement and investment from your brand scales over time and the return for that investment is the building of trust and familiarity of your brand over your competitors.  As a business, your content has to be of value to your audience, every successful business knows the time building a quality foundation will always reap great rewards, and your content generation blended with your understanding of your clients needs, wants, desires is exactly that.




Tell Them a Story

The best way to speak to their desires and need? Tell them the story they want to hear.

Story telling is the best way to connect with your audience. It’s better than a sales push, an informational article, or entertainment. Of course story telling can combine all three of those things, but encased in a carefully crafted story, it’s more palatable for your audience.

This video gives a refreshing perspective on the value of story telling and why it works in digital marketing.

Skip to the 2min mark. Understanding your personas, their time, their consumption, their pain points.  Your business needs to fit into that and that is why Vine trends, Snapchat is trending, Instagram stories are trending, Facebook live is getting there but also climbing in attention awareness strategies.   Everyone worth their salt in the digital marketing realm raves on about attention being the new commodity, just make sure you have the people paying attention to your content.  [clickToTweet tweet=”Know your audience that’s the key, everything else will come from that.” quote=”Know your audience and then you will know their platform and then you will know the relevant content they will happily consume.” theme=”style1″]

Build Communication and Commit to Values

Brands who can communicate their core values to a targeted audience who shares those values will win at on/offline marketing. This video alludes to that, pointing out that when you can communicate a sense of community, justice, truth, or self-expression, you’ve made a real connection.

As Joseph Campbell points out, those area the universal values people share, and what they really want to hear about when they hear a story. Your job is to figure out which story you need to tell, and which story your ideal customer wants to hear.  When you know your persona, you can get personal with your marketing and that is the key to a great brand who knows their market and takes the time to nurture them into becoming a client of your business.   75% of leads don’t make a purchase due to lack of Lead Nurturing Program (Marketing Sherpa).  And the fundamental key to all of this is, mastering the customer persona.

Taylor Swift knows her customer personas (Swifties – are not just one age group) – she spends hours, if not days trawling her Twitter account and other social media accounts, identifying loyal clients and rewarding them.  Personally.  TS, who has made herself a brand, has not only identified her tribe she has loved them right back by producing content that speaks to them and made them feel part of her family, talking on social media.

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