By Creating Quality Content.

In today’s digital age it’s essential to have a website to advertise your products and services but with the mass amounts of competition, it’s not enough to throw something on the web and hope that you are found. There are important steps to take in order to generate quality leads to your website.

Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and will improve your site’s authority and relevance to help your website generate quality leads. Quality leads = the right people for your product/service. If your content is too wordy, doesn’t address issues or offer solutions, people won’t bother reading it. A good thing to ask yourself when writing content is would you take the time to read the post, would you share it, would you like it? If not…start over.

A good content strategy that focuses on publishing relevant content that offers solutions to your customers’ issues, will propel your marketing efforts and translate into more top funnel quality leads.

5 Tips To Generate Quality Leads.


step by step guide to creating customer personas-Tips for Generating Quality LeadsIt may sound like a no brainer, but often businesses get so wrapped up in simply describing the products and services they provide, they can lose sight of the “why”. Customers are searching for a service or product in order to solve a problem or to benefit in some way. Know your buyer personas and their pain points so you can create content that provides solutions and benefits rather than descriptions. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Determine their struggles and create messaging that relates to them and their needs.



 content creation plan-tips for generating quality leadsYour website is essentially a digital storefront. Each piece of content you create should be RELEVANT to your industry and buyer personas in order to drive more traffic to your website and generate quality leads.
USEFUL CONTENT shows potential customers what you have to offer, solves problems and answers questions while reflecting your expertise. Useful content can include how-to videos, webinars, product reviews, customer testimonials, blog posts and email newsletters.
The more CONSISTENT CONTENT you publish and the better focused it is on a particular topic, the higher you will rank for keywords related to that topic. The more posts you publish, the more indexed pages your website will have and that will increase your chances of turning up in search engine results. The easiest way to do this is through a company blog. A blog is a great place to show your personality, build trust, answer questions, address common issues and convert visitors into leads with content that be easily shared on social media.



content-marketingCreating quality content is only half-the battle. No matter how good your content is, if it’s not on the proper platform and optimised for search engines…no one will ever see it. It would be like buying a car with no gas tank. Car looks great, smells great, has all the bells and whistles but it can’t go anywhere.
Whether you are running paid search campaigns or focusing on organic SEO, your website must be optimised properly in order to increase search rankings and generate quality leads to your site.


Here are a few things to double-check before you start publishing.

  • Make sure your website has a clean, user-friendly design with the latest version of responsive HTML.
  • Keywords are still crucial to generating quality leads. Use strong, relevant keywords throughout your content to make your website more visible to search engines, and to potential customers. Choosing long-tail keywords is a great way to beat out the competition and generate more qualified leads.
  • URLs should be short, images optimised, titles unique and each page or post should have clear Meta descriptions including keywords.
  • Keep your site map up to date to make it easy for Google to crawl and increase your rankings as you add more content.
  • Make sure your site load time is super fast! Google takes this into account due to our short attention spans. If your site loads slowly, users will hit the back button and Google will ding you for it. Test your site load time here.
  • Start Local. Whether you have a brick and mortar shop, a service business or an online business- you can help your local search rankings by listing your business on local online directories. Create a Google Business Page for each physical location you have. Google can now drill down to specific neighbourhoods, so make sure you are including your local addresses in order to come up in local search results.


How to Generate Quality Leads- Two examples of customer testimonials on Rumble Media

Rumble Media Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials, feedback and comments on your products or services give potential customers a sense of trust and better understanding of how you operate from a customer’s perspective. They help increase your search engine rankings and influence potential leads to buy. Request customer testimonials to add to your website, your Google business page, social media sites, Yelp and other review sites.


strategic digital marketing planOnce you’ve defined your audience, created great content and optimised your website, the content needs to be distributed in order to generate leads.
Social media is the fastest way to get your message out there and the easiest to target. Taking advantage of social sharing to promote your blogs and newsletters is a great way to get more traffic. Most social media sites have a particular type of audience so only share content relevant to that particular audience.
Always include links throughout your blog to other pages on your site and have a clear CTA (call to action) that encourages more liking and sharing.
In addition to a strong Social Media Strategy, send out press releases, email newsletters and new product information to bloggers and other influencers to help distribute your content to a larger audience and bring in more quality leads.

When you focus on the content, attracting more qualified visitors to your website becomes much easier. Stay current and regularly publish blogs and post on social media in order to order to get those leads.

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