Change the way you have been attracting your audience;

Stratagise your messaging about your prices/service. Spend time uncovering who your audience is and what they value. Then write a new Value Proposition message so that it is aligned with your business and your client’s worldview.

Make sure your marketing messages, graphics, tone and your customer engagement strategies align with your unique value proposition.  Talk with your customers, find out what was the trigger that made them seek out a service similar to your business. This will help you understand pain points and marketing pitches to match that.

Make sure your marketing messages, graphics, tone and your customer engagement strategies align with your unique value propsition.  Talking with your customers, finding out what was the trigger that made them seek out a service similar to your business will help you understand pain points and marketing pitches to match that.

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Show the human side of your business.

The days of over-developed images and videos are behind us. Customers want to see the real of your business! So be a little less particular on it all being staged. Show the personality of your business, your team and your values and that is where you will find the clients that are in align with what you stand for.

Have a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

Consider your customers influencers.  Family, friends, social groups, the culture scape- the life they live in. Determine what their general social norm is and how can you satisfy their concerns.  Then start mapping out the content you need to produce to link or embed on your site.

If it is a complex thing to explain, consider doing a short video.

Have someone on Fiverr edit it for you or if you know a creative teenager they will get it done for you faster than you could.  Remember to make sure you have an intro, logo and ending to each of your videos that are set.  YouTube has replaced TV and mimicked it some ways so make sure you develop that template as it is part of your overall branding.

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Why the way you market affects who you attract as a customer.

Inspiration came while doing the laundry while in Cradle Mountain, while I was freezing my butt off, but was totally inspired.

Over promising and under delivering has become more and more of a habit.  It is imperative to provide the right context and content across platforms.  This way the user has a seamless journey and user experience, from device to device, and ad to page to conversion – sale/email/subscription.

Download Digital Marketing Strategies Campaign Template

I have mapped out this awesome template on how to do campaigns for your business and it got me thinking about how we market to our audience in the end attracts our tribe of clients. Sometimes when you get those cranky or disappointed customers it is because there is has been incongruity in what we have promised and what we have delivered.

Before you go live with a campaign; facebook/email/blog, you need to map out your plan and answer these questions.

  • Who is your person/client ?
  • What is their trigger? Why did they come to you?
    • How will your campaign service that trigger; that need or want?
  • Where are they at in their buyer journey?
    • awareness – just coming across you,
    • deliberation – is your business the right fit,
    • decision; what am I buying/committing to,
    • customer relationship management – how you engagement with post-purchase; thank you’s online.

Develop your digital marketing strategies around educating customers about your product/services.

Understanding their wants and needs, pitching in a way that makes your them feel that you understand them and then taking the extra effort in explaining how you can help, develops an education process about your small business offerings.   Then when you educate through the next points; email, FB, graphics, video tutorials or insights in a way that is aligned with your business culture; when they consume your product, they will feel the authenticity in every touch point with your business.

Targeted Marketing = Happy Customers

You’ll end up with a happy customer, not because you had the agenda to get them, but you have a great campaign, pitched around a great product/service that is delivered by yourself or your team.

Then not only will you be able to have a great business client base, it won’t be that hard to sell to them! It won’t even be selling, it will be like you present the information in a format that educates them and then when they call/purchase there will be a level of trust and outlook that they are going to have a great experience.

Influencing people who do buy from you.

Genuine customers who know you exist and your marketing aligns with them and their user experience can become an influencer for your business. At a conference one of the business presenters discussed how she wasn’t a Tesla car owner but aspired to be.influencer marketing rumble media

In her process to learn all she could about Tesla and her future dream car ,she inspired 3 people in her network to buy a Tesla. All because every touchpoint; test driving, email campaigns, social media campaigns that she experienced built up her conviction that this was the right car, not only for her but those who could afford to invest in one.

Influencers are your most valuable customers

You may not know who you are talking to and at which stage of their buying process they are at, but they could be the friend of the future or now buyer of your product/service.

Influencers are not just famous Instagrammers or celebrities, in fact, more and more so they are the following; friends, family and people you don’t know who will leave a review on social media or Google.  People will value their feedback over your sales pitch at a point in their buyer process.

No matter where you are in the marketing process of your business it is an exciting time to be a business owner/entrepreneur.

I hope this post has offered you some insights and confidence in being able to take the feedback from your clients; won and lost, and to design and implement a better digital marketing strategy that will get the magic sauce of what you do and how your business offers value to your right audience.

When you service your clients in a way that goes beyond the monetary exchange and takes into account that the human value they offer to your business is respected then we can have a great business environment where the good businesses stand out because of their service and product rather than who spends the most will win.

Good luck, be adventurous in how you market, that is where the big opportunities are.

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