Social media convergence starts with knowing your unique customer persona, identifying which social media platform they spend the most time on, and how to engage them on these social media sites in a way that matches your business content with the context of the chosen social medias.   Each social media platform has a unique audience with different engagement methods. You need to identify which social platform suits your media style, has your audience on there and offers the greater engagement offerings between you and your ideal customers.

You may want to share your content with all platforms, too many businesses spread themselves thin by being everywhere online but with a mediocre delivery of content and messaging.  Hone your skills and media to the right platforms, with the right media and you will make a better impact and manage the leads and conversations you obtain from those platforms while providing better user experience.  Also having a social media site with little to no activity on it can lead to doubt from your new users, your social media sites provide signals or trust to your users, so make sure you are able to develop content and conversations that matter.

Social media convergence is about sharing relevant content with the right combination of social platforms that all lead back to your business.

social media data

In order to target your specific demographic with the right language/content, it is pivotal to identify the right social platform and understand the data. Otherwise you will be spending money on content that will not stick with your target market.

46% of web users refer to social media, peer reviews, social presence to make a purchasing decision.  It takes 17 impressions online before we make a decision to commit.  It is because we do more of the research ourselves before we actually decide to talk to someone and the fact that the average user online is exposed to 8 times more marketing than we saw 15 years ago.  The value of the review and comments of a person users don’t know online is more trusted by users than a companies brand message, so how you engage with your community online and how your business provides customer service will all impact your online engagement.

social media demographics

The fastest social growth demographic is the 50 -65-year-olds.  This isn’t something new but it’s still worth mentioning.  They are the largest buyers of computers and adopters to social media, visit an Apple store during the week and you will see mature aged people en masse sitting down to a complimentary computer and app training.  Integrated marketing strategies are relevant to this demographic, as I was talking to a fellow parent who works for a large computer company in Brisbane and they still spend a decent amount in print media to cover for this demographic and it is a successful investment for them.

In a 2016 social media report, The Pew Research Center stated that, “Thanks in part to the growing number of older adults who are joining the site, Facebook use appears to be on the rise: The share of online adults who report using Facebook has increased by 7 percentage points compared with a Pew Research Center survey conducted at a similar point in 2015. In addition, the share of Facebook users who check in daily has increased slightly in the past year.”

Percentages of Online Adults using social media:

Facebook: 79% of adults who are online use Facebook which is the largest percentage out of any social network, by far! Users online spend 1 minute out of every 7 minutes on Facebook throughout the waking day.  I must admit beyond work for my clients I always end up on it for at least 5-10 mins for myself doing research and commenting.

Instagram: 32% of online adults are busy snapping selfies

Pinterest:  31% of online adults use Pinterest with the majority of shares and likes consisting of recipes and how-to craft projects.

LinkedIn:   29% of online professionals use LinkedIn with the majority searching for jobs or trying to sell B2B.

Twitter:  24% of those online are tweeting or at least have an account to watch.

social media convergence Pew Research Graph on social media stats in 2016

Make a connection

Think outside the box.  People like to see the personality of your business, a connection.  We may be thinking global but given the chance most people will support local.  So if you have something awesome you are doing with your business and it benefits the local.  Let your clients know.

social media convergence graphic showing hand holding phone with social icons surrounding it

If you have peers that you wish to do business with and connect with for info, get on LinkedIn, if you are constantly doing new things and getting new stock in join Pinterest or Instagram then link to your Facebook page.  If you are constantly creating new things or doing things that are awesome, then a YouTube channel will be ideal for you.

Knowing where your market is, what drives them to buy from you and staying relevant to them is the key. Then consolidate all these activities into a blog and keep it short and punchy.

This is social media convergence; the right platforms, engagement in ongoing conversations with the right content.  This is just the foundation method of your social presence.

The skill is being able to connect with people on these platforms at a rate that grows organically and with effect.

Don’t aim for the 500plus connections in LinkedIn because you are told that is best practice for that platform, to be an influencer, if you rush it, you will connect to people who may not be what you need in your community.   The big part is knowing the platform and learning how to use it in a way that your people engage with what you do.

Social media done right for your business could be just the thing that you need to make the difference of targeting more than just the people that get what you do and increase your market presence efficiently.

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