If you’re serious about incorporating YouTube videos into your marketing strategy, you’ll want to add YouTube managers to your account. That way, it’s possible to keep the videos coming from a diverse variety of sources.

Believe it or not, however, YouTube wasn’t always quite as business-friendly as it is now. If a channel owner wanted to grant team members access to the account, he had to fork over the login and password to the YouTube account.

Why Add YouTube Managers to Your Account?

YouTube Managers blog- YouTube logoNow, with the ability to add managers on YouTube, separate login credentials can be created for each person who will be contributing content to a single YouTube channel. And as business owners have quickly discovered, it’s nearly impossible to run an effective YouTube marketing campaign all by yourself. Creating videos and managing communications is a lot of work!

We’ll show you how to add YouTube managers to your channel, so you can get the whole team involved with contributing valuable content to your YouTube channel marketing campaign.

Step 1: Preparing Your YouTube Account

As a YouTube account owner, you have the ability to create a structure within your account whereby you can control access to various segments of your account. As a business owner, you’ll want to create a Brand Account.

YouTube Brand Accounts are like Facebook Pages- you can have as many as you’d like, and each represents a separate business or brand within your business. They’re all managed under your original YouTube account, and you can easily switch between accounts once you’re logged in.

Alternatively, you can also change your main YouTube account into a Brand Account.

As the owner of one or more Brand Accounts, you have the ability to create managers for each account. In fact, if you really want to be hands-off, you can create another owner for a Brand Account, giving over total control.

In any case, the first step for adding managers is to make sure you already have a Brand Account.

Step 2: Go Into the Brand Account’s Settings

Now that you have a Brand Account, it’s simply a matter of following a few easy steps to add a manager.

  1. Sign into YouTube, then make sure you’re signed in as the owner of the Brand Account that needs a manager.
  2. Within that Brand Account, click on the channel you want managed. This will be found in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard once you’re logged in.
  3. The channel has a settings icon- go there.
  4. Now you’ll see “Add or remove managers” – click that.
  5. This takes you to the “Brand Account details” area, where you’ll see a “Managers” section.
  6. Look for “Manage Permissions”. You’ll see 2 options: 1) Add an owner and 2) Add a manager.

Here’s where you’ll enter info about the manager you’re adding to your Brand Account channel. You’ll need his or her email address. That allows YouTube to send an invitation to your new manager.

The rest is up to your new Manager(s). Once they receive the email from YouTube inviting them to be managers, they’re in.  You can have one or more managers for the same Brand Account.

The beauty of the way YouTube has designed the manager account is this: your manager will be running your Brand Account from his own Google Account – not yours! No need to reveal your own login and password.

Two Types of YouTube Managers: What They Can & Can’t Do

You can also have Communications Managers. They do not have rights to the following actions:

  • upload videos
  • manage videos
  • start a Hangout on Air
  • edit your business info

They can, however, respond to video reviews, communicate with your customers, and view YouTube channel insights.

Full managers can do everything an Owner does, with the exception of removing the channel and managing access to it.

Now, Go and Create!

Now that you’ve got your team in place with rights and access, it’s time to inspire them to do great things for your brand. Good luck!

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