I decided to attend Uni and educate myself in web design and marketing after having 5 different websites built for my other businesses. After going through the process as a client so many times, I realised that not one person asked me anything about my business/branding or product positioning.  It was always about the look of the website design without the in-depth understanding of the why.

Now as I enter the third year of running my own digital marketing agency, I have worked out the processes to make for an efficient website design.

Understanding the things you should to consider before a website design will save money and stress.

Doing upfront exploration and reflection will create an even better understanding of your vision and overall goals. If you have a clear strategy and desired outcome from your business, products and services, establishing your digital presence will be smooth and insightful.

At Rumble, we use work sheets and questionnaires to have clients fill out prior to website builds so we understand the larger picture. We get to know your customer personas, your products and services, how your business operates. We want your website to not only be a calling card but also aid in solving issues upfront, and deliver quality leads that convert into sales.

Website Design Infographic- 4 things to consider before you begin- Rumble Media

4 Things To Consider Prior to a Website Design

1. Have a Digital Marketing Plan

Without a plan you won’t stay on target with your branding and the feel of your website. What are you selling and to who?   Do you know the pain points you are you servicing? Are you speaking to those points in the first 30 seconds people visit your site?  What social media plugins work to not only target your market but also allow you to be relevant in those platforms? (I have plenty more but this gives you a gist)

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2. Don’t Underestimate the work involved

So many people commission to have a website built and then they are left to their own devices after launch. While a proper build with focused SEO and your ongoing contributions on social platforms will allow the right people to find your website within search results,  there is ongoing support that should be included after build. Rumble offers in house training for you or your staff on how to optimise your site so it is making money while you sleep.  We don’t want to be your crutch, we want to empower you to manage your digital presence.  If you have an awesome product and are awesome at what you do, people need to know about you.  It’s pivotal, every business has the perfect something for their demographic, they just have to be found..

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3.  Choose a good web host

A reliable host doesn’t need to cost the earth but it will be relevant to what your site requires.  We have worked with Law Firms and E-commerce sites which both have different requirements in privacy and data loading that can be considered on the niche hosting sites out there.   SiteGround is awesome for most web businesses and they offer great chat support and 100% uptime.

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4. Create balance between Design and Message

This is a big one! I come across so many sites that send off confusing messages.  I love working out the subtle message within colour, font, image, and layout of websites. The modern consumer is savvy, you don’t have to yell at them to get your message across.  In fact there are many studies in Harvard Business Review that recommend not being simple simon with your clients, they will respect you for it. We take into account the right balance of images within sites that always comes back to the core message of the website.

Designing your website with Rumble is easy

Clients can provide their own content or we can help with marketing images for your site, everything is doable.  We are crazy passionate about making sure what you get from a site with us is something that is top notch, marketable and on target with your demographic.

Hopefully this gives you an insight into how to approach your website design because nothing makes for a very exciting build than having a good digital marketing strategy in place.  Then the implementation of that plan has a guide that will help keep the build fun and rewarding.

If you would like to discuss a design build with rumble media, give us a shout! We will inspire you and excite you about your new digital presence.

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