Do you remember the days when you had to buy a camera, load the film and then rush it to the local pharmacy to develop it overnight? Thankfully, for most, those days are gone. Now we can snap a button on our phone and post our pictures to numerous social media sites to share with hundreds, or thousands of people instantly. This leaves one thing necessary for most photo loving phone owners; How to make sure your pictures look as great as they possibly can.

Improving the Quality of Your Smart Phone Pictures

Unfortunately, many pictures that we see today, especially those taken with phones, are in poor quality. Perhaps it is because of a low-quality phone camera, or maybe it is simply because the ‘photographer’ wasn’t quite sure how to use it correctly to take a good photo.

To help you out, here are a few tips to help improve your skills when taking pictures with your phone.

Use Proper Lighting

Proper lighting is paramount to photo quality, especially when using a phone that may not have a flash. It’s best to take photos outside during daylight hours or with the lights on when shooting indoors. However, even with the best lighting, pictures may develop too dark or too light. When this happens, you can use an app such as SNAP SEED  by Google. This app edits to ensure the brightness level is just the way you want it and it helps with face detection and other photo editing to help photos look as great as possible.

Preview of Snapseed App to help you take better photos on your iphone

Don’t Move

There are a few great digital cameras out there that are perfect for shooting active sports and other action, but when you shoot with your phone, it may be best to sit still. Using a tri-pod is a good idea, especially if you are prone to moving or shaking while taking a shot. The steadier your phone when taking pictures, the clearer your photos will be. We have all taken pictures that we thought would be perfect, yet they are blurry because we moved a tiny bit when shooting. Cogitap Software has developed a useful app, Slow Shutter Cam, for phone photography that helps users snap DSLR quality shots right from their phone. The app can be found on iTunes and it helps slow the shutter function down on a phone so that photos will turn out crisp and clear. Since many cameras, especially phone cameras, have issues with shutter lag, using an app can really come in handy.

Preview of Slow Shutter Cam App to help you take better photos on your smartphone
Preview of Lens Distortions App to help you take better photos on your smartphone

Avoid Zoom

While most phones have a zoom option, using it often causes the photo to look pixelated and blurry. For the best shots, steer clear of zoom and take time to simply crop the photo when editing. This way, you won’t have that awful blurriness and you will be able to zoom with an editor rather than before you take the picture.

Use the Right Editing Tools

Most phones have a built-in photo editor. Some are better than others, but you can download some excellent photo editing tools such as an app like Lens Distortion, which helps users add unique filters, blurring and framing enhancements to make photos look phenomenal with little effort.

Snap More Photos

If you want a great photo, be sure to take more than one picture. While several may turn out blurry, you increase your chance of snapping at least one perfect shot when you take several rather than just one or two. This is also a good way to try shooting from different angles, distance and speed to see which alternative works best on your phone.

As you can see, with a few simple tricks and some helpful apps, you can shoot great pictures with your Smart Phone. Many new phones offer extraordinary cameras that rival even the best digital cameras on the market but if your phone isn’t quite up to speed with some of those, be sure to take a little time getting to know your phone and the camera capabilities it has. You may be surprised at the great photo’s you’ll soon be taking if you just work a little to improve the quality of your pictures.

Taking more photos will help you take better photos with your smartphone

Better Images = Better Click Through

Today, more and more buyers are searching for what they want by clicking on images when they are looking for solutions in Google.  So, if the image of your product/service is ordinary, it is not going to register to the buyer. Someone who has put a bit more thought into the curation of images that represent their business will stand out online.

We also recommend a product called the iOgrapher which offers lenses and other awesome gear, and a good lapel mic, to make your mobile content generation easy. You can read more about it and other great tips in our targeted marketing blog


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