Are you tired of struggling with outside booking systems? Looking for a way to easily manage rooms and confirm upcoming clients all in one easy-to-manage system which takes into account bookings across multiple channels and reduces overbooking issues? We can help.

Take Control Of Your Motel’s Website With A Fresh New Design

Not all designers understand the unique needs that go into a motel web design. Rumble has extensive experience in the motel industry and we focus on what matters most, your customer’s experience. We specialise in creating websites that streamlines the process of managing your rooms – from the moment a guest places a reservation until check out.

User- Friendly Room-Booking Systems

We’ll design a custom room-booking system right on your website or Facebook page that is completely mobile-friendly. Your guests will be able to book their rooms from their phone, tablet, or any other device –so you can convert more customers while easily managing guest stays.

The front desk booking system of some of this software provide you the tools to efficiently manage bookings from large booking sites like Trip Advisor and so you can still work with those platforms while easily allowing clients to book directly with you once they have made their decision to stay in your motel.

Reduce Your Time On Bookings

There’s no need to struggle with complicated systems to take bookings. If you offer online bookings on multiple sites, you can update rates across all channels with the simple push of a button. You’ll never have to worry about double-booking again. Your site will even be able to market extras for you! Whether you offer tours, breakfast, or any other special bonuses, you can offer these upsells as part of the normal booking process.

Decrease Third Party Fees

Once the system is set up, there are no added fees for bookings made through your page. Take direct, commission-free reservations effortlessly while you’re tending to the day to day tasks in your motel.  That day will be an exciting day when you are able to have clients book directly with you through Facebook, your website or via an email campaign.

Improve Direct Communications with Your Guests

Get to know your guests before they ever arrive. Your site will include a full-featured front desk system to allow easy communication, with automated pre- and post-stay emails. Instead of spending your time trying to get in touch with guests, you can focus on the finer details that really make your business stand out from the crowd.

Which Motel Web Design Is Right For You?

We offer three main options for our Motel clients, depending on your needs:

1 Page Websites

Make it quick and easy to book your rooms while communicating what makes your motel/hotel a truly unique experience. We include everything your guests need to manage their stay all on your homepage! This is the quickest and easiest option to implement, but isn’t as full-featured as our other website designs.

Multi-Page Websites

4 Page Websites allow you to encourage bookings, while also offering third-party tours that you can sell through your check-in features. Show off photos of your building and amenities, while sharing information on local landmarks, events, and activities. Not only will you be able to easily manage your customers, you’ll also be able to position your hotel or motel as part of a complete travel package.

8 Page Websites offer the fullest experience for your guests. If your motel/hotel includes extra services like a day spa, restaurant, or live entertainment, we want you to be able to share those features with potential guests. We’ll create unique pages and set you up with a blog so you can share any news and announcements on your site and social media. Finally, during the booking process, we’ll make it easy to integrate any extra “perks” your guests want to purchase. Just reach out for more details!

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