Marketing automation systems allow businesses to scale-up, streamline, and automise marketing and sales campaigns while keeping costs in check.  That is the hook you need to look at, everything from here on is explaining that in detail.  But if you are micro or small business and you want to play alongside the big boys then I suggest you investigate how you can implement marketing automation for small business into your business strategy.  It is the game changer that your competitors are learning about, if they are not, all the easier for you to increase your marketing share. A marketing automation platform replaces mundane, repetitive tasks across disjointed marketing platforms into aligned, automated, and objective-oriented processes.

Introducing a marketing automation system could revolutionize how you conduct business.

While most marketing automation systems require an initial investment, marketing automation fuels business growth, enabling ongoing returns to that initial investment. Research into businesses using market automation indicate that realized benefits include:

  • better lead management
  • more relevant messaging and content
  • increased revenue


Do you need an email automation strategy?

Your business has core products/services that you are known for and there is a process of information and questions that you or your sales team share on how & what you offer fills their need. You have a long list of potential customers that you’ve built up from campaigns; email or social.

email marketing strategy graphic marketing automation small businessYou have leads coming into your business but the concept of getting busier fills you with a bit of dread; more staff or stressing your current systems and processes. What if there was a way to automate the education and upsell to your customers by introducing an email automation strategy and a marketing funnel to your marketing os that the people who make it to the end of both those campaigns are qualified to engage with via a follow up call/contact.

By going through their history in your CRM or email software you can identify all the content they have viewed and ask them the relevant questions as to where they are in their buying or post purchase cycle. Automation allows for personalisation and personalisation = great customer experience. The best way for your business to stand out.

Marketing automation can eliminate three core barriers for small-businesses

1) Disjointed and inconsistent data and communication
2) High operational labour and resources
3) Structures that bottleneck leads and reduce potential sales

Marketing automation for small business can give you the tools can improve and increase the operations and success of your business. These tools (email and retargeting campaigns and CRM mainly) can unify communication strategies and platforms while simultaneously monitor and analyse data. They can reduce labour and resources stuck in operational outputs, freeing up time and capacity to re-prioritise on strategic development. Marketing automation can increase sales by funneling contacts across communication platforms more effectively from leads to consumers.

Rumble uses three core elements of marketing automation for small businesses:

Marketing Funnel: Using highly personalized automated email marketing systems to follow your customer’s journey from introduction and awareness through to loyalty. This will automate your sales process so you can better qualify your leads.

Email Automation: Introducing systems that deliver targeted, personalized, and timed emails to individual customers at ease. Your customers, new or existing, will feel like they’re talking to a real person.

Social Media: Integrating social media landing pages will open doors to one of the biggest avenues of sales and increase the conversations you can have with your customers.

Interesting in learning more?

At Rumble, we work with each client to help determine the best marketing automation platforms and systems for your small business. By working with you to define your specific marketing and sales objectives, we can help automate your sales process by placing the customer first. We help identify methods to expand how your customer connects to your brand and how you can save time and resources in making those connections. Get in touch!

Want To Ramp Up Your Inbound Traffic?

We help Small Business Owners grow their business by leveraging the power of Google Ads and Analytics.

I can’t help everybody… but if you’re selling your own information and services, have an e-commerce store or develop courses online and are ready to harness marketing automation to build and run a sustainable business, then I can help you.