when you know what marketing works and who it coverts the ability to grow is never a question.

Video 1 of 3 – Analytics Reports and Where To Look

Even if you do not have Google Tag Manager Set Up and are in your first few years of business and you want to get savvy about your data a little bit more than Source/Medium and major conversions, then this is that next level up for you to see what you can really see in your Data.

This is video 1 in a 3 part FREE training, no hooks, no offers, if you like me, you know how to find me and there are instructions in the video to tell you where we are going to have our discussions.

No matter if you’ve used a visual page builder before, with Brizy you’ll be a pro the second you start using it.

Then We Build Around What You Need To Know

We run audits of your website and campaigns and build out tracking to capture and segment clicks before they hit your Analytics account. Making smart reports easier for you to read.

Smart Audiences

Every business has segments or niches of markets = clients. We help you set those up for smarter Facebook, YouTube and Google Ads campaigns.

Smart Google Ads

Imagine making Google Ad decisions with people who look like your best customers click behaviours being built into your site. We take on 1 new client every 2 months as we like to make sure your set up is done right.

First We Audit What You Know

We look at your existing tracking and Analytics account and identify what data can help your team make smart decisions.

Build Reports

From our audit we build our reports that answer the critical questions you need answers to in important meetings with your sales and marketing people.

Smart Reports In Google Data Studio

We know you are busy, so we simplify all the juicy stuff about your business into Reports that show existing and Key Performance Indicators which let you know at a glance, we are ok, we can grow, we’re in the shit.

Build Trust With A Video

What am I teaching, what friction am I addressing.

Rumble Media is a boutique agency that works in a deep way with our customers. That means we will focus on you exclusively while you’re with us. It also means we’ll let you know our timeline once we’ve had a chat to ensure you’re able to plan around us.

Ready to dig in and find out more?

Our discovery call gives us a peek under the hood of your business. On the call we’ll talk about what goals, objectives, new data and google Ads you’re interested or know you need asap. Remember: good data is what makes good businesses great.

Please fill out or form and tell us a bit about you and we will let you know if we are the right people to help you.

Have Questions?

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