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The main purpose of a customer relationship management system, CRM, is to bring in systems into your business so you can grow a sustainable business.  Let’s discuss how that happens and which CRM software is the right one for your business stage.

The fact is, we don’t converse directly with our clients as much as we used to as 97% of shoppers do some form of research about your business online before they pick up the phone or make an online inquiry.   If you are marketing online; Social, Google or Email marketing, a CRM system will allow you to identify which Google Ad, Facebook Ad or lead magnet engaged your ideal customer and that person is ready to buy.

There are 5 elements to running your business; Marketing, Sales, Product/Service Delivery, Finance [Billing/Payments], Staff.  When you add automation – a key delivery of a CRM, then you can develop a business system that incorporates the old/new ways that works for your business.

When you automate these [or aspects of these] 5 elements you get to free up the creative energy [which is a finite resource = why Jobs and Zuckerberg have a predictable wardrobe], you get to focus on customer service and engagement or staff training or organisational structure and strategy.  Wherever your focus can be better used.

A great system will allow your clients to make a booking with you 24/7, pay their invoices when it is convenient i.e. after the kids are asleep, or confirm your quote at night when they have headspace.  This also will take the menial work away from your sales team so that they get to engage with your clients with confidence and with a personal touch.

Technology is helping balance the playing field for Small Business owners when you identify the right software for your business these tools on offer to your benefit.

The main pain point with growing a business is making sure that quality of customer service and engagement that you did when you were doing everything in your business is templated and the quality is ensured because in your systems you have put the best of you in there and now all your team has to do is deliver that.

When you bring in systems into your business, you can design your automations by how you want things to happen in your business and easily track what needs to be done and how.  This in turn influences your clients experiences, this is one of the main ways that you can differentiate yourself.  When you provide a unique user experience on each engagement with your business pre and post sale, you become WOM worthy.   This is how over time you get to build the golden goose of leads, by referrals.

Automate The Stages of Buying;

Let’s start with people who don’t know your business exists.  You do activities in your business to bring about the Awareness of your business.  But we know that there is a small percentage of buyers who may buy on the first engagement with your business so you need a way to re-engage them.  So, e-com businesses usually offer the 10% off their first purchase offer by joining their newsletter – re-engagement is then enabled as you have your site visitors email address.

But you can automate and track so much more with a CRM.

Customer Relationship Management Review

Having given all 4 CRM’s I am about to discuss a good test run in my own and clients business this is the feedback I have from a user and marketing point of view.  As I only work with Small Business owners from solo-preneurs to a team of 20 this is my point of view of when and why these software should be used, if at all.

Depending on whether you are on your own or have a team I have recommended these CRM’s in the order in which I think you should start.  Active Campaign great for a solo or team of two or three, Zoho [on and offline business] and Infusion Soft [service and product based], then if your drive is to be super big then Salesforce [chain of stores etc].  The key to making a CRM work for you is to do what you need to when you are small but as soon as you scale hire a Star Player, someone who does great work, to help you master this tool as it will be the key to your success.

One of my must have’s when it comes to choosing any software is the following; the support systems [fast response from support techs], Live Chat, and/or a really skilled coach/teacher on the software that is easy for you or your team to understand.  All of the CRM’s I have recommended have sales targets and you are number to each of these, so always learn through a 3rd party.

The Plays You Can Automate

marketing automation software for small business

Each of these elements of your business can have some form of automation implemented into them.

The best to elaborate the power of automation is in how it evens the playing field for Small Business owners.  A very smart automation specialist we work with said, “Entrepreneurs have a tremendous amount of power and opportunity to make a massive impact in the world but it’s lying dormant because they are struggling to leverage automation correctly.   All we had to do to unlock that power is deliver a system and process they could follow to make automation easy”.   All the moving pieces to use automation in your business can be really overwhelming but with star players or coaches you can make it through the puzzle.

But by leveraging automation and technology correctly can help develop and design a journey for their clients and to be able to easily check where the bottlenecks are.

Start with a blueprint, design your plays on each of the levels, and then execute with quality delivery.  When this is done right, the power that is within each small business that has been laying dormant can then be unleashed to make the impact that you as a small business owner has set out to make.

Let’s talk about the 4 CRM software options.

Active Campaign As A CRM;

I love Active Campaign, it’s a great CRM to start out with because it teaches you about the basics of how to build a really good list & automation.  It also helps when you go to scale up to another CRM as when this is built out properly you take good habits with you.  It’s also cost effective and it has a free version to get your toes wet with.  It also teaches you about email marketing and that is where you will really shine with this.

If you have an e-comm store and all you do is ship and you don’t want to segment your audience then MailChimp is good enough, but it is not a CRM it is an Email software.  Active Campaign is an email Software but it is also a CRM, you can track who downloads what from where on your website.  Which campaigns have they opted into and when, you can segment people with tags into hot, warm, cold leads.  This is important as keeping a clean list will save you $$$ as your business grows – cold people the ones who are not ready or interested in what you sell, you can automatically tag them due to their inactivity and then delete them AUTOMATICALLY.

In a nutshell, AC is a great starter software for Audience Segmentation, user tracking with downloads and forms you have on your site and for building up your list.  When you start your business, it is best to keep things simple, then when you are ready, the transition to Infusion Soft is a really easy one.

A great Coach to help you with AC = Barry Moore.  He is an awesome Aussie who is generous with his time and energy.  He keeps things simple.  Feedback from others; Barry shows you how to do things right & that saves you money in the long game plan.

Infusion Soft 4 Serious Automation;

I am not going to lie this is a bit more complex, but there is a great education platform for this software too so I feel super confident recommending this one to you.  They have live chat support, webinar and online groups to help you through it if you want to go alone.  Start right and this software will be your PA, help you qualify clicks to your website so you aren’t distracted by the tyre kickers and then, be your best Salesperson, ever!!  You, replicated and the intelligence of your best sales person shaped into intuitive conversations.

Infusion Soft does have add on features as well but there is a lot that comes with the base package, there isn’t much you need to add on to this powerful system.  One of our IS, Infusion Soft, coaches said it is not about using all of IS but putting 100% of your business through IS.  So what you do over and over again, how you can design a play = a campaign for that and then that helps you build a great business.  Tip; automate how you onboard new team members, it helps build great culture in your business.

For Infusionsoft training. Link; SixthDivision  

Salesforce Maybe Not For Small, Small Business:

I have experienced the oversell of Salesforce and their automation is just dead sexy if you have about $60k a year [$120 per user on your team = just the CRM, buying the add-on apps and having someone to customise it for your business] to drop on their software and your CRM set up person.

Salesforce CRM is selling you what you can pay Zoho $19AUD for.  The features of Salesforce is in the add ons, the premium support is not premium at all.  Simple set ups were so complex for them to do, that out of sheer frustration and time wasting I left.  $120USD per month, buys you one license to the CRM only, all the automation features are part of a package that will cost you over $10k per annum.   You can do all of this and more for half the price with Zoho.  Both CRM’s are getting into AI, one is made in India, and one is in the US, that is it.

This software is currently being used by Infusion Soft when they outgrew Infusion Soft, the migration is fluid between the two, but Infusion Soft is a pretty big business adn that is where Salesforce shines.  When you have the budget to pay for the team and the software then this blue collar CRM will be good for you.

Don’t get lost in the oversell of any software and buy the one that’s right for your business.

Zoho as a CRM

OK I have set up Zoho as a CRM for a team of 19, it is a pretty dynamic tool.  They have different packs with apps that you need to do all that your business requires.  One is more Business to Business (B2B) orientated one is more Business to Customer (B2C) orientated but Zoho One does both, you just need to choose the apps you need and nothing more.

They have a great support team, Live Chat on their CRM and Accounting software.  Everything else is support ticket.  There are some great people on Upwork that can help you, but if you have a great digital strategist or marketing person with a head for systems, then setting this up with Zoho support will be enough till you get to the hairy work.

They have conferences in Australia and around the world regularly where you can go and meet their tech and sales people and pick their brains for apps you could add to your suite in Zoho.  I am about to dive into their Campaigns – email automation software but from what I can see it is going to be basic, so this is good if you have simple plays in your sales and marketing that have a clear start and finish line.

What Marketing Automation Can Do For Your Leads

And here’s a keyboard, connected to the entire world.  Here’s a publishing platform you can use to interact with just about everyone, just about any time, for free.  You wanted a level playing field, one where you have just as good a shot as anyone else.  Here it is.  Do the work.

Seth Godin

Author, Marketing Genius

 Remember; if you can track it, you can improve it.

Let Us Review Your Marketing Goals

We help Small Business Owners find the blind spots in their marketing strategy and campaigns so that you can make your marketing dollar go further.

I can't help everybody... but if you’re selling your own information and services, have an e-commerce store or develop courses online and are ready to harness marketing automation to build and run a sustainable business, then I can help you.

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How to Find the Right People for Your Business Thu, 15 Mar 2018 03:20:20 +0000 When you're looking at different ways to find the right people for your business in the online world, focus first on your current clients.  Content should be influenced by your customers actual needs and your solution as opposed to what you think they need.

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Seth Godin puts it clearly, backup by the exaggerated Bronx accent of Marie Forleo, “When your speaking to everyone, your speaking to nobody”.   Sometimes the basics seem so basic that you don’t really want to spend time on them but the whole reason you go into business is to help people.   Well if you really want to help people you need to know who they are and what they need and what causes them to start looking for that/your solutions.

Marketing is tricky, there are so many tools at your disposal but they are all going to land with a thud if you haven’t thought about your people, your solution and what benefits/outcomes those people will get by choosing you.

Think from the point of view of your customer’s experience.

The best way to do this is to speak to or Ask your best client open ended questions that will give you relevant information, an example of a starter question “take me back to the day when…..” then listen, mute yourself.  Adele Revella has a tactic in this kind of one on one interviews where you see a subject in their convo and you want to “pull the thread” so you can then ask, “tell me more about that”.   You will want to record the conversation and get that transcribed by and then look for patterns in their language, by uploading that text to a word cloud software.  This one action can help you identify one of 4 blindspots;

  • a new market you could target successfully,
  • blindspots in your existing market,
  • identify the best new product to pursue,
  • blindspots in service or offerings with an existing product.

Listen to the 20%’ers

Now if you don’t have your business off the ground with paying customers yet, then there are many ingenious ways to find out who your market might be by joining groups, finding Reddit conversations about topics that you can provide a service for or go to Meetups and ask.

If you already have a business that has an email list, Facebook following, then you can send out a survey to them to find out who they are.  Also, another way to do this is to take the top 20% clients who have bought from you recently and ask them questions, their WHY could be totally different to what you were thinking and give you more insight because you are not trying to sell to them, you are working to understand them.  Remember, no sells, just asking, make it a safe conversation for you both.  Record it so you have the headspace to focus on the person in front of you.

When you understand your customer:

You can take the common patterns in the language that you identify in those interviews to find how new potential clients may talk to themselves when they go to look for your product/service.  When you have the words of your best clients peppered through your website, emails and ad copy, conversion and phone calls become easier because you are connecting with people who are like your existing top 20% clients.

Example 1: Dentist

Your potential new customer: I’m looking for a dentist, I’ve just moved into town, and my tooth is killing me.  I had a nightmare dentist in my 20’s so I am reluctant to go to someone who hasn’t referred to me but I don’t have time, I need someone now.

  • I need someone who can see me fast
  • Someone who is gentle and knows how to be distracting so I won’t freak me out, because I have an aversion to dentists.
  • A location nearby


How to find the right people for your business by knowing what they are searching for online

When a customer is searching online, there may be 50 or 60 different dentists that come up. So how does a customer narrow down that list? Because they are in need of a dentist who’s super gentle, they will be looking for that to be reflected in the images and messaging they see when browsing options online.

If the marketing messages address the segments [type] in your client base, you have more than 1 type of client that buys from you, to the actual issues a potential client is having, a connection will be made. This will help to marketto your different audiences based on their triggers and their worldview.

Example 2: Home Security

Potential customer: I’ve moved into a new suburb, I’m working away from home a lot, my wife and children are home.   We’ve got young children, she’s busy and at times distracted. I would like to upgrade the security in the new home for peace of mind, because we’re just not familiar with this area, and the local Facebook page seems to have a lot of criminal activity in it.

So you are either going to look for a CCTV or an alarm, but the trigger is, I’ve just moved. So, there could be a Facebook ad saying, “Moving house? Upgrade or install security. You are looking at the triggers of why people would look for the product or service that you are offering, there’s always a trigger.
There’s always a reason.  Each segment has a reason and that will need a different marketing message.  For 1 campaign you could run 4-5 different ads with messages and headlines that speak to different segments that align with your top 20%.

There are different worldviews of the people and why they are going to search for what you sell. You, as a business owner, need to identify what solution you provide for potential searches and how you can match that with on target marketing messages and landing pages.

Finding the right people for your business online

4 Key Benefits of Knowing the Right Customers for Your Business;


Know Their Why’s and Triggers

A trigger can be a season, a holiday event, Weddings happen in droves in September/Spring, moving house, buying a house, school, Uni, social demands, sports events, retirement, etc.  These are all triggers, but behind those are the why’s of your niche market, your top highly invested clients [20%].  Speaking to your customers help you find the nuance in the why’s of your people in those trigger moments.  That’s a big bit of juice right there.  This will help you with your headlines, your campaigns, your buyer journeys and your ways to market that can segment your audience based on their unique why’s; each product/service usually has 4 different why’s.

Content and Keywords;

The content and insights from talking to and asking your clients the right questions will give you so much gold in knowing how to speak to and market to your customers in a way that isn’t sleazy or disingenuous.  You can get out of your own way and just get to talking about the benefits, what you can educate them on without giving away all your tension – the need to click to call.   When you are clear on this you have certainty and when you have certainty you can develop content and campaigns that you know will speak to your people.

The keywords come from the solution your clients are looking for; I want to….  then you reverse engineer those into a keyword tool and you can find some demand keywords that will match the content.  Remember to write for your customers, not for Google.

Seasonal Campaigns;

This is something I have been testing for months by looking at keyword demand patterns, segments in my clients’ audience and products/services that they offer to match those.  Fashion has seasonal campaigns, but did you know that your business also has seasonal campaigns that are influenced by triggers and your niche.  By knowing your segments, you will see these opportunities and then develop/refine your annual seasonal campaigns so that you stay hyper-focused on the segments in your market, your marketing strategy will be on point.

Know Thy Funnel

OK so this is where the sexy stuff comes into play.  With all of this you can now start to get to the automation phase, build up your campaigns, content, landing pages, email strategy based on this data and insight and then you test, fix, refine and amplify.   Anything worth building is always going to need your investment into it, but the beauty of online marketing is that you can amplify your energy and insights through the power of really good Funnel.   Funnel marketing isn’t about setting and forgetting, it is about refining, tweaking and making the basic conversations of awareness, deliberation and purchase automated but when it comes to customer service, be contactable and touch base with your clients regularly.

The key to finding the right people online is making sure that you are focusing on what potential customers are searching for and how you can promote your solutions to their specific issues.

This can be through landing pages and blog posts that are positioned in a way that answers their concerns. That is one of the key strategies that you need to implement on how to find the right clients for your business. Then you can run ads to those specific pages in order to promote solutions.

You’ll be surprised at how much your organic reach is just increasing, even though you are spending money on ads. Because when you start to complement your adverts based around the content that is all ready on your website, and around the services and solutions you offer to your customers, you will start climbing through the roof.

Having people ringing is no longer going to be a problem. Your ads will get cheaper, your customers will be more educated, and your sales team will love you because they are doing much higher level conversations where people contact you, rather than you have to sell them on the phone. Your staff end up being customer relationship management people, rather than sales people.

In our hurry to succeed we sometimes overlook the opportunity to engage first and sell later. Marketing works best when it’s anticipated, and the person on the other side of the interaction feels like they have had a hand in the result.

Bernadette Jiwa

The Story Of Telling

Need Help With Your Business?

I can't help everybody.  But if you are selling your own information, products or courses online and you need help identifying your blind spots to launch, automate or grow, I can help youQ

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Marketing Automation For Small Business Tue, 13 Jun 2017 23:49:09 +0000 Marketing automation systems allow small businesses to scale-up, streamline, and automise marketing campaigns in order to drive more revenue.

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Marketing automation systems allow businesses to scale-up, streamline, and automise marketing and sales campaigns while keeping costs in check.  That is the hook you need to look at, everything from here on is explaining that in detail.  But if you are micro or small business and you want to play alongside the big boys then I suggest you investigate how you can implement marketing automation for small business into your business strategy.  It is the game changer that your competitors are learning about, if they are not, all the easier for you to increase your marketing share. A marketing automation platform replaces mundane, repetitive tasks across disjointed marketing platforms into aligned, automated, and objective-oriented processes.

Introducing a marketing automation system could revolutionize how you conduct business.

While most marketing automation systems require an initial investment, marketing automation fuels business growth, enabling ongoing returns to that initial investment. Research into businesses using market automation indicate that realized benefits include:

  • better lead management
  • more relevant messaging and content
  • increased revenue


Do you need an email automation strategy?

Your business has core products/services that you are known for and there is a process of information and questions that you or your sales team share on how & what you offer fills their need. You have a long list of potential customers that you’ve built up from campaigns; email or social.

email marketing strategy graphic marketing automation small businessYou have leads coming into your business but the concept of getting busier fills you with a bit of dread; more staff or stressing your current systems and processes. What if there was a way to automate the education and upsell to your customers by introducing an email automation strategy and a marketing funnel to your marketing os that the people who make it to the end of both those campaigns are qualified to engage with via a follow up call/contact.

By going through their history in your CRM or email software you can identify all the content they have viewed and ask them the relevant questions as to where they are in their buying or post purchase cycle. Automation allows for personalisation and personalisation = great customer experience. The best way for your business to stand out.

Marketing automation can eliminate three core barriers for small-businesses

1) Disjointed and inconsistent data and communication
2) High operational labour and resources
3) Structures that bottleneck leads and reduce potential sales

Marketing automation for small business can give you the tools can improve and increase the operations and success of your business. These tools (email and retargeting campaigns and CRM mainly) can unify communication strategies and platforms while simultaneously monitor and analyse data. They can reduce labour and resources stuck in operational outputs, freeing up time and capacity to re-prioritise on strategic development. Marketing automation can increase sales by funneling contacts across communication platforms more effectively from leads to consumers.

Rumble uses three core elements of marketing automation for small businesses:

Marketing Funnel: Using highly personalized automated email marketing systems to follow your customer’s journey from introduction and awareness through to loyalty. This will automate your sales process so you can better qualify your leads.

Email Automation: Introducing systems that deliver targeted, personalized, and timed emails to individual customers at ease. Your customers, new or existing, will feel like they’re talking to a real person.

Social Media: Integrating social media landing pages will open doors to one of the biggest avenues of sales and increase the conversations you can have with your customers.

Interesting in learning more?

At Rumble, we work with each client to help determine the best marketing automation platforms and systems for your small business. By working with you to define your specific marketing and sales objectives, we can help automate your sales process by placing the customer first. We help identify methods to expand how your customer connects to your brand and how you can save time and resources in making those connections. Get in touch!

Let Us Review Your Marketing Goals

We help Small Business Owners find the blind spots in their marketing strategy and campaigns so that you can make your marketing dollar go further.

I can’t help everybody… but if you’re selling your own information and services, have an e-commerce store or develop courses online and are ready to harness marketing automation to build and run a sustainable business, then I can help you.

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Motel Web Design & Marketing Strategy Sat, 27 May 2017 16:49:13 +0000 Not all designers understand the unique needs that go into a hotel or motel web design. Rumble has extensive experience in the hotel industry and booking software.

The post Motel Web Design & Marketing Strategy appeared first on Rumble Media Brisbane.


Are you tired of struggling with outside booking systems? Looking for a way to easily manage rooms and confirm upcoming clients all in one easy-to-manage system which takes into account bookings across multiple channels and reduces overbooking issues? We can help.

Take Control Of Your Motel’s Website With A Fresh New Design

Not all designers understand the unique needs that go into a motel web design. Rumble has extensive experience in the motel industry and we focus on what matters most, your customer’s experience. We specialise in creating websites that streamlines the process of managing your rooms – from the moment a guest places a reservation until check out.

User- Friendly Room-Booking Systems

We’ll design a custom room-booking system right on your website or Facebook page that is completely mobile-friendly. Your guests will be able to book their rooms from their phone, tablet, or any other device –so you can convert more customers while easily managing guest stays.

The front desk booking system of some of this software provide you the tools to efficiently manage bookings from large booking sites like Trip Advisor and so you can still work with those platforms while easily allowing clients to book directly with you once they have made their decision to stay in your motel.

Reduce Your Time On Bookings

There’s no need to struggle with complicated systems to take bookings. If you offer online bookings on multiple sites, you can update rates across all channels with the simple push of a button. You’ll never have to worry about double-booking again. Your site will even be able to market extras for you! Whether you offer tours, breakfast, or any other special bonuses, you can offer these upsells as part of the normal booking process.

Decrease Third Party Fees

Once the system is set up, there are no added fees for bookings made through your page. Take direct, commission-free reservations effortlessly while you’re tending to the day to day tasks in your motel.  That day will be an exciting day when you are able to have clients book directly with you through Facebook, your website or via an email campaign.

Improve Direct Communications with Your Guests

Get to know your guests before they ever arrive. Your site will include a full-featured front desk system to allow easy communication, with automated pre- and post-stay emails. Instead of spending your time trying to get in touch with guests, you can focus on the finer details that really make your business stand out from the crowd.

Which Motel Web Design Is Right For You?

We offer three main options for our Motel clients, depending on your needs:

1 Page Websites

Make it quick and easy to book your rooms while communicating what makes your motel/hotel a truly unique experience. We include everything your guests need to manage their stay all on your homepage! This is the quickest and easiest option to implement, but isn’t as full-featured as our other website designs.

Multi-Page Websites

4 Page Websites allow you to encourage bookings, while also offering third-party tours that you can sell through your check-in features. Show off photos of your building and amenities, while sharing information on local landmarks, events, and activities. Not only will you be able to easily manage your customers, you’ll also be able to position your hotel or motel as part of a complete travel package.

8 Page Websites offer the fullest experience for your guests. If your motel/hotel includes extra services like a day spa, restaurant, or live entertainment, we want you to be able to share those features with potential guests. We’ll create unique pages and set you up with a blog so you can share any news and announcements on your site and social media. Finally, during the booking process, we’ll make it easy to integrate any extra “perks” your guests want to purchase. Just reach out for more details!

Let Us Review Your Marketing Goals

We help Small Business Owners find the blind spots in their marketing strategy and campaigns so that you can make your marketing dollar go further.

I can’t help everybody… but if you’re selling your own information and services, have an e-commerce store or develop courses online and are ready to harness marketing automation to build and run a sustainable business, then I can help you.

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A Good Digital Marketing Plan Brings in More Customers Sat, 01 Apr 2017 11:23:19 +0000 A solid digital marketing plan is a must in today’s online world. When you’re a small business the digital landscape can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you guide down the right path.

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A good digital marketing plan is reflective of where you are within your business growth; are you starting out or are you embracing digital marketing and software solutions in your business or have you got a marketing funnel in place but you still have an income rollercoaster going on but don’t know where the leaks are in your ‘marketing funnel’.  Either way, you need a plan to know what needs to be broken and redone, or what is the best way to start.

all successful businesses have a plan, they know in advance where they are going to be and when, this allows them to plan adequately so that they take opportunities when they arise because they are prepared.- Roger Hamilton

Whether you’re new to online marketing or have played around a bit before, a solid digital marketing plan is a must in today’s online world.  It is a guide to let you know your blind spots, what worked and why and what is the next best step.  When you write it down you have a way to track the activities in your business, a Google Doc’s spreadsheet is a great way to map things out.  When you’re a small business the digital landscape can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you guide down the right path.

6 steps to creating a great digital marketing plan

customer personas icon setting up a Digital marketing plan

1. Know Your Audience

If you really want to win in any form of marketing, developing an understanding of your customers and the different segments within them, will help set the tone for your marketing strategy, both on and offline. When you know your customers; needs, wants and triggers [the moment that makes them go to Google] then your content marketing will have a better impact, especially when you write for their search habits.  This means your blog or products turn up in Google’s Organic Reach = no adverts.   This method of being found online is proven to be more trusted by your ideal clients, has statistically higher conversion rates; buys or contacts, and it is a great way to segment them into the right funnel.  Need help with this step? We’ll show you How to create customer personas.

2. Create Useful Content

First and foremost, write like you talk.  People do business with people they like, so make sure your brand story and copy talk is all the same tone, then when they call they won’t have any confusion on who you are and what you stand for.  When you are writing; reviews, insights, teaching blogs, make sure that what you are writing about can help your potential customers get closer to what they want or need?  Use this checklist when you sit down to write your blog copy:

  • Keep a Tight Focus: Highlight three or four key insights/benefits visitors get from your blog and make sure you have a valid content upgrade based on the blog they are reading. This tactic helps your content stay on topic and gives you a natural way of incorporating relevant keywords without stuffing [going hard on your keywords].
  • Use Descriptive Language: That doesn’t mean load up with adjectives. Adjectives like “great” and “best” are so overused and subjective that readers skim right over them. They are almost pointless. Use verbs to help people imagine your product or service impacting their lives and producing a positive emotional response.
  • Always be Brief: Keep to the page’s topical focus, cutting anything that doesn’t support your main three or four points.

Tips from SemRUSH

content icon setting up a Digital marketing plan
SEO icon setting up a Digital marketing plan

3.  Implement Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Creating quality content is only half-the battle. No matter how good your content is, if it’s not optimised for search engines…no one will ever see it. Whether you are running paid search campaigns or focusing on organic SEO, your website must be optimised properly in order to increase search rankings and generate quality leads to your site.  Learn more about implementing SEO, join our newsletter as we run Q&A webinars where you get to ask us questions about your business strategies.

4. Create a Marketing Funnel

  • Awareness strategy [discovery stage] = blogs or ads that helps your business be found online.
  • Opt-In strategy [deliberation stage] = because no-one buys on the first visit so you want to capture their email address, or at the least have Facebook pixels and Adwords tags on your site.
  • Re-targeting strategy [decision stage – this business is reading my mind feeling] = the tags, pixels and newsletter does that.
  • Onboarding [you caught one delivery stage] = what is the email you need to design that helps your customer get familiar with your product or service without them having to call for this information.  Sometimes not speaking to clients as they buy is a great sign that you have your marketing fine-tuned.
  • Campaigns = your business has some form of seasonal marketing it can engage your clients to buy again or refer you to others.  You need to know what this is so you make use of your email, Facebook and Adwords list.  [there are other ways to market; LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, we just don’t use those platforms for our clients so because that isn’t our jam we don’t refer to it]

Image below outlines your funnel steps from the buyers point of view.

EMail Marketing icon setting up a Digital marketing plan

Attention: Attract the attention of your reader (with an enticing headline).

Interest:  Give fresh and insightful information that’ll interest the reader. Add interesting introductions for your posts.

Desire – Stir your reader. Convince him to believe in your idea by stating its proven benefits.

Action – Once the reader has engaged with your copy, don’t assume he’ll take the necessary next step. You’ll need to create a strong call-to-action (CTA).

The objective of your website is to get your ideal clients to join your mailing list as that gives you an opportunity to have the 2nd, 3rd conversation with them and show them why your business is the right decision.  To do this a contextual Call To Action, CTA is needed.

A CTA prompts visitors to take action, such as signing up for your newsletter, downloading a coupon, viewing a product demo, or starting a free trial. CTAs should direct customers to a landing page where they receive something of value in exchange for giving you their contact information. Need help developing strong CTA’s and setting up marketing funnels? Learn about Conversion Rate Optimisation

Social Media icon setting up a Digital marketing plan

5.  Develop a Social Media Strategy

Once you’ve defined your audience, created great content and optimised your website, the content needs to be distributed in order to generate leads.
Social media is the fastest way to get your message out there and the easiest to target. Taking advantage of social sharing to promote your blogs and newsletters is a great way to get more traffic. Most social media sites have a particular type of audience so only share content relevant to that particular audience.

If you are business to business, business, then LinkedIn and YouTube is definitely where you should be.

Retail; Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, be here.  If you target the younger tribe then you need to be an early adopter to any new software because they want to be where the adults are not, they are a lot more fearless when it comes to trying new things out.

6.  Use Analytics to track What’s Working and What’s Not.

If you don’t measure your actions you don’t know what is winning.  Have your Google Analytics set up so that you can identify; buyer funnel, high drop off pages, high engagement pages and main keywords. Facebook campaigns, make sure you have UTM’s set up on your Bitly link so that you can identify your social media links otherwise they all go under the / section of your data.  Just outsource this to one of the many humans on Fiverr who do this as a daily gig, delegate = winning.

Analytics icon setting up a Digital marketing plan

Use Facebook Insights to tell you more about the people who engage with your Facebook campaigns, if you haven’t got any campaigns as yet, read the blog connected here for insights on how to get the ball rolling.  Facebook ads can help you identify user behaviour, what is of interest, how long they take to buy etc.  The most wasted campaigns to do on FB is a “Like” campaign [aka Vanity Clicks – no substance, no $ales], with businesses able to buy likes this is no longer a trust indicator for buyers, what you need to optimise for is engagement.  Make sure you always have a goal and purpose in mind; IMHO I would have it optimised for Landing Page views, that lowers your ad spend, it tells you that these people loved your ad and want what you offer.  It also keeps your list clean and the biggest painpoint and money sucker for businesses is having people on your ads and your email list that will NEVER BUY FROM YOU.

Go for quality = less is more, across everything you do.  It’s about reach, clicks and conversions.

A digital marketing plan is best done on a 90 day cycle so that changes in the marketplace, the audience and statistics can be looped back into what is happening with ongoing campaigns.  

Let Us Review Your Marketing Goals

We help Small Business Owners find the blind spots in their marketing strategy and campaigns so that you can make your marketing dollar go further.

I can’t help everybody… but if you’re selling your own information and services, have an e-commerce store or develop courses online and are ready to harness marketing automation to build and run a sustainable business, then I can help you.

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How To Take Better Photos With Your Smartphone Tue, 14 Mar 2017 21:01:15 +0000 Taking a great photo for social media is a must for sharable posts. Learn which apps and editing tools help you take better photos with your smartphone.

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Do you remember the days when you had to buy a camera, load the film and then rush it to the local pharmacy to develop it overnight? Thankfully, for most, those days are gone. Now we can snap a button on our phone and post our pictures to numerous social media sites to share with hundreds, or thousands of people instantly. This leaves one thing necessary for most photo loving phone owners; How to make sure your pictures look as great as they possibly can.

Improving the Quality of Your Smart Phone Pictures

Unfortunately, many pictures that we see today, especially those taken with phones, are in poor quality. Perhaps it is because of a low-quality phone camera, or maybe it is simply because the ‘photographer’ wasn’t quite sure how to use it correctly to take a good photo.

To help you out, here are a few tips to help improve your skills when taking pictures with your phone.

Use Proper Lighting

Proper lighting is paramount to photo quality, especially when using a phone that may not have a flash. It’s best to take photos outside during daylight hours or with the lights on when shooting indoors. However, even with the best lighting, pictures may develop too dark or too light. When this happens, you can use an app such as SNAP SEED  by Google. This app edits to ensure the brightness level is just the way you want it and it helps with face detection and other photo editing to help photos look as great as possible.

Preview of Snapseed App to help you take better photos on your iphone

Don’t Move

There are a few great digital cameras out there that are perfect for shooting active sports and other action, but when you shoot with your phone, it may be best to sit still. Using a tri-pod is a good idea, especially if you are prone to moving or shaking while taking a shot. The steadier your phone when taking pictures, the clearer your photos will be. We have all taken pictures that we thought would be perfect, yet they are blurry because we moved a tiny bit when shooting. Cogitap Software has developed a useful app, Slow Shutter Cam, for phone photography that helps users snap DSLR quality shots right from their phone. The app can be found on iTunes and it helps slow the shutter function down on a phone so that photos will turn out crisp and clear. Since many cameras, especially phone cameras, have issues with shutter lag, using an app can really come in handy.

Preview of Slow Shutter Cam App to help you take better photos on your smartphone
Preview of Lens Distortions App to help you take better photos on your smartphone

Avoid Zoom

While most phones have a zoom option, using it often causes the photo to look pixelated and blurry. For the best shots, steer clear of zoom and take time to simply crop the photo when editing. This way, you won’t have that awful blurriness and you will be able to zoom with an editor rather than before you take the picture.

Use the Right Editing Tools

Most phones have a built-in photo editor. Some are better than others, but you can download some excellent photo editing tools such as an app like Lens Distortion, which helps users add unique filters, blurring and framing enhancements to make photos look phenomenal with little effort.

Snap More Photos

If you want a great photo, be sure to take more than one picture. While several may turn out blurry, you increase your chance of snapping at least one perfect shot when you take several rather than just one or two. This is also a good way to try shooting from different angles, distance and speed to see which alternative works best on your phone.

As you can see, with a few simple tricks and some helpful apps, you can shoot great pictures with your Smart Phone. Many new phones offer extraordinary cameras that rival even the best digital cameras on the market but if your phone isn’t quite up to speed with some of those, be sure to take a little time getting to know your phone and the camera capabilities it has. You may be surprised at the great photo’s you’ll soon be taking if you just work a little to improve the quality of your pictures.

Taking more photos will help you take better photos with your smartphone

Better Images = Better Click Through

Today, more and more buyers are searching for what they want by clicking on images when they are looking for solutions in Google.  So, if the image of your product/service is ordinary, it is not going to register to the buyer. Someone who has put a bit more thought into the curation of images that represent their business will stand out online.

We also recommend a product called the iOgrapher which offers lenses and other awesome gear, and a good lapel mic, to make your mobile content generation easy. You can read more about it and other great tips in our targeted marketing blog


Brisbane, QLD, 4178



Let Us Review Your Marketing Goals

We help Small Business Owners find the blind spots in their marketing strategy and campaigns so that you can make your marketing dollar go further.

I can’t help everybody… but if you’re selling your own information and services, have an e-commerce store or develop courses online and are ready to harness marketing automation to build and run a sustainable business, then I can help you.

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Things to consider before a website design Tue, 07 Mar 2017 08:08:03 +0000 Before starting a website design and build, having a marketing plan in place will allow a streamline build and branding of your business, product or service.

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I decided to attend Uni and educate myself in web design and marketing after having 5 different websites built for my other businesses. After going through the process as a client so many times, I realised that not one person asked me anything about my business/branding or product positioning.  It was always about the look of the website design without the in-depth understanding of the why.

Now as I enter the third year of running my own digital marketing agency, I have worked out the processes to make for an efficient website design.

Understanding the things you should to consider before a website design will save money and stress.

Doing upfront exploration and reflection will create an even better understanding of your vision and overall goals. If you have a clear strategy and desired outcome from your business, products and services, establishing your digital presence will be smooth and insightful.

At Rumble, we use work sheets and questionnaires to have clients fill out prior to website builds so we understand the larger picture. We get to know your customer personas, your products and services, how your business operates. We want your website to not only be a calling card but also aid in solving issues upfront, and deliver quality leads that convert into sales.

Website Design Infographic- 4 things to consider before you begin- Rumble Media

4 Things To Consider Prior to a Website Design

1. Have a Digital Marketing Plan

Without a plan you won’t stay on target with your branding and the feel of your website. What are you selling and to who?   Do you know the pain points you are you servicing? Are you speaking to those points in the first 30 seconds people visit your site?  What social media plugins work to not only target your market but also allow you to be relevant in those platforms? (I have plenty more but this gives you a gist)

SEO icon search box with chart graph | Rumble Media

2. Don’t Underestimate the work involved

So many people commission to have a website built and then they are left to their own devices after launch. While a proper build with focused SEO and your ongoing contributions on social platforms will allow the right people to find your website within search results,  there is ongoing support that should be included after build. Rumble offers in house training for you or your staff on how to optimise your site so it is making money while you sleep.  We don’t want to be your crutch, we want to empower you to manage your digital presence.  If you have an awesome product and are awesome at what you do, people need to know about you.  It’s pivotal, every business has the perfect something for their demographic, they just have to be found..

Website Hosting icon cloud | Rumble Media

3.  Choose a good web host

A reliable host doesn’t need to cost the earth but it will be relevant to what your site requires.  We have worked with Law Firms and E-commerce sites which both have different requirements in privacy and data loading that can be considered on the niche hosting sites out there.   SiteGround is awesome for most web businesses and they offer great chat support and 100% uptime.

Digital marketing icon social media rumble media

4. Create balance between Design and Message

This is a big one! I come across so many sites that send off confusing messages.  I love working out the subtle message within colour, font, image, and layout of websites. The modern consumer is savvy, you don’t have to yell at them to get your message across.  In fact there are many studies in Harvard Business Review that recommend not being simple simon with your clients, they will respect you for it. We take into account the right balance of images within sites that always comes back to the core message of the website.

Designing your website with Rumble is easy

Clients can provide their own content or we can help with marketing images for your site, everything is doable.  We are crazy passionate about making sure what you get from a site with us is something that is top notch, marketable and on target with your demographic.

Hopefully this gives you an insight into how to approach your website design because nothing makes for a very exciting build than having a good digital marketing strategy in place.  Then the implementation of that plan has a guide that will help keep the build fun and rewarding.

If you would like to discuss a design build with rumble media, give us a shout! We will inspire you and excite you about your new digital presence.

Let Us Review Your Marketing Goals

We help Small Business Owners find the blind spots in their marketing strategy and campaigns so that you can make your marketing dollar go further.

I can’t help everybody… but if you’re selling your own information and services, have an e-commerce store or develop courses online and are ready to harness marketing automation to build and run a sustainable business, then I can help you.

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How to Set up YouTube Managers Sun, 05 Feb 2017 12:16:21 +0000 Learn how to add YouTube managers to your channel so the whole team can start contributing valuable content to your marketing campaign.

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If you’re serious about incorporating YouTube videos into your marketing strategy, you’ll want to add YouTube managers to your account. That way, it’s possible to keep the videos coming from a diverse variety of sources.

Believe it or not, however, YouTube wasn’t always quite as business-friendly as it is now. If a channel owner wanted to grant team members access to the account, he had to fork over the login and password to the YouTube account.

Why Add YouTube Managers to Your Account?

YouTube Managers blog- YouTube logoNow, with the ability to add managers on YouTube, separate login credentials can be created for each person who will be contributing content to a single YouTube channel. And as business owners have quickly discovered, it’s nearly impossible to run an effective YouTube marketing campaign all by yourself. Creating videos and managing communications is a lot of work!

We’ll show you how to add YouTube managers to your channel, so you can get the whole team involved with contributing valuable content to your YouTube channel marketing campaign.

Step 1: Preparing Your YouTube Account

As a YouTube account owner, you have the ability to create a structure within your account whereby you can control access to various segments of your account. As a business owner, you’ll want to create a Brand Account.

YouTube Brand Accounts are like Facebook Pages- you can have as many as you’d like, and each represents a separate business or brand within your business. They’re all managed under your original YouTube account, and you can easily switch between accounts once you’re logged in.

Alternatively, you can also change your main YouTube account into a Brand Account.

As the owner of one or more Brand Accounts, you have the ability to create managers for each account. In fact, if you really want to be hands-off, you can create another owner for a Brand Account, giving over total control.

In any case, the first step for adding managers is to make sure you already have a Brand Account.

Step 2: Go Into the Brand Account’s Settings

Now that you have a Brand Account, it’s simply a matter of following a few easy steps to add a manager.

  1. Sign into YouTube, then make sure you’re signed in as the owner of the Brand Account that needs a manager.
  2. Within that Brand Account, click on the channel you want managed. This will be found in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard once you’re logged in.
  3. The channel has a settings icon- go there.
  4. Now you’ll see “Add or remove managers” – click that.
  5. This takes you to the “Brand Account details” area, where you’ll see a “Managers” section.
  6. Look for “Manage Permissions”. You’ll see 2 options: 1) Add an owner and 2) Add a manager.

Here’s where you’ll enter info about the manager you’re adding to your Brand Account channel. You’ll need his or her email address. That allows YouTube to send an invitation to your new manager.

The rest is up to your new Manager(s). Once they receive the email from YouTube inviting them to be managers, they’re in.  You can have one or more managers for the same Brand Account.

The beauty of the way YouTube has designed the manager account is this: your manager will be running your Brand Account from his own Google Account – not yours! No need to reveal your own login and password.

Two Types of YouTube Managers: What They Can & Can’t Do

You can also have Communications Managers. They do not have rights to the following actions:

  • upload videos
  • manage videos
  • start a Hangout on Air
  • edit your business info

They can, however, respond to video reviews, communicate with your customers, and view YouTube channel insights.

Full managers can do everything an Owner does, with the exception of removing the channel and managing access to it.

Now, Go and Create!

Now that you’ve got your team in place with rights and access, it’s time to inspire them to do great things for your brand. Good luck!

No Time to Do it yourself? Give us a shout!

Let Us Review Your Marketing Goals

We help Small Business Owners find the blind spots in their marketing strategy and campaigns so that you can make your marketing dollar go further.

I can’t help everybody… but if you’re selling your own information and services, have an e-commerce store or develop courses online and are ready to harness marketing automation to build and run a sustainable business, then I can help you.

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Social Media Convergence Thu, 08 Dec 2016 04:02:16 +0000 Social convergence starts with knowing your audience, the different social platforms available and how to use them to engage with the right people.

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Social media convergence starts with knowing your unique customer persona, identifying which social media platform they spend the most time on, and how to engage them on these social media sites in a way that matches your business content with the context of the chosen social medias.   Each social media platform has a unique audience with different engagement methods. You need to identify which social platform suits your media style, has your audience on there and offers the greater engagement offerings between you and your ideal customers.

You may want to share your content with all platforms, too many businesses spread themselves thin by being everywhere online but with a mediocre delivery of content and messaging.  Hone your skills and media to the right platforms, with the right media and you will make a better impact and manage the leads and conversations you obtain from those platforms while providing better user experience.  Also having a social media site with little to no activity on it can lead to doubt from your new users, your social media sites provide signals or trust to your users, so make sure you are able to develop content and conversations that matter.

Social media convergence is about sharing relevant content with the right combination of social platforms that all lead back to your business.

social media data

In order to target your specific demographic with the right language/content, it is pivotal to identify the right social platform and understand the data. Otherwise you will be spending money on content that will not stick with your target market.

46% of web users refer to social media, peer reviews, social presence to make a purchasing decision.  It takes 17 impressions online before we make a decision to commit.  It is because we do more of the research ourselves before we actually decide to talk to someone and the fact that the average user online is exposed to 8 times more marketing than we saw 15 years ago.  The value of the review and comments of a person users don’t know online is more trusted by users than a companies brand message, so how you engage with your community online and how your business provides customer service will all impact your online engagement.

social media demographics

The fastest social growth demographic is the 50 -65-year-olds.  This isn’t something new but it’s still worth mentioning.  They are the largest buyers of computers and adopters to social media, visit an Apple store during the week and you will see mature aged people en masse sitting down to a complimentary computer and app training.  Integrated marketing strategies are relevant to this demographic, as I was talking to a fellow parent who works for a large computer company in Brisbane and they still spend a decent amount in print media to cover for this demographic and it is a successful investment for them.

In a 2016 social media report, The Pew Research Center stated that, “Thanks in part to the growing number of older adults who are joining the site, Facebook use appears to be on the rise: The share of online adults who report using Facebook has increased by 7 percentage points compared with a Pew Research Center survey conducted at a similar point in 2015. In addition, the share of Facebook users who check in daily has increased slightly in the past year.”

Percentages of Online Adults using social media:

Facebook: 79% of adults who are online use Facebook which is the largest percentage out of any social network, by far! Users online spend 1 minute out of every 7 minutes on Facebook throughout the waking day.  I must admit beyond work for my clients I always end up on it for at least 5-10 mins for myself doing research and commenting.

Instagram: 32% of online adults are busy snapping selfies

Pinterest:  31% of online adults use Pinterest with the majority of shares and likes consisting of recipes and how-to craft projects.

LinkedIn:   29% of online professionals use LinkedIn with the majority searching for jobs or trying to sell B2B.

Twitter:  24% of those online are tweeting or at least have an account to watch.

social media convergence Pew Research Graph on social media stats in 2016

Make a connection

Think outside the box.  People like to see the personality of your business, a connection.  We may be thinking global but given the chance most people will support local.  So if you have something awesome you are doing with your business and it benefits the local.  Let your clients know.

social media convergence graphic showing hand holding phone with social icons surrounding it

If you have peers that you wish to do business with and connect with for info, get on LinkedIn, if you are constantly doing new things and getting new stock in join Pinterest or Instagram then link to your Facebook page.  If you are constantly creating new things or doing things that are awesome, then a YouTube channel will be ideal for you.

Knowing where your market is, what drives them to buy from you and staying relevant to them is the key. Then consolidate all these activities into a blog and keep it short and punchy.

This is social media convergence; the right platforms, engagement in ongoing conversations with the right content.  This is just the foundation method of your social presence.

The skill is being able to connect with people on these platforms at a rate that grows organically and with effect.

Don’t aim for the 500plus connections in LinkedIn because you are told that is best practice for that platform, to be an influencer, if you rush it, you will connect to people who may not be what you need in your community.   The big part is knowing the platform and learning how to use it in a way that your people engage with what you do.

Social media done right for your business could be just the thing that you need to make the difference of targeting more than just the people that get what you do and increase your market presence efficiently.

Let Us Review Your Marketing Goals

We help Small Business Owners find the blind spots in their marketing strategy and campaigns so that you can make your marketing dollar go further.

I can’t help everybody… but if you’re selling your own information and services, have an e-commerce store or develop courses online and are ready to harness marketing automation to build and run a sustainable business, then I can help you.

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Your Digital Marketing Strategies Affect Who Your Customers Are Tue, 01 Nov 2016 05:40:00 +0000 Digital marketing strategies for your online business can transform your audience. Your digital marketing strategy affects who your customers are.

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Change the way you have been attracting your audience;

Stratagise your messaging about your prices/service. Spend time uncovering who your audience is and what they value. Then write a new Value Proposition message so that it is aligned with your business and your client’s worldview.

Make sure your marketing messages, graphics, tone and your customer engagement strategies align with your unique value proposition.  Talk with your customers, find out what was the trigger that made them seek out a service similar to your business. This will help you understand pain points and marketing pitches to match that.

Make sure your marketing messages, graphics, tone and your customer engagement strategies align with your unique value propsition.  Talking with your customers, finding out what was the trigger that made them seek out a service similar to your business will help you understand pain points and marketing pitches to match that.

Digital Marketing Strategies customer journey icon

Show the human side of your business.

The days of over-developed images and videos are behind us. Customers want to see the real of your business! So be a little less particular on it all being staged. Show the personality of your business, your team and your values and that is where you will find the clients that are in align with what you stand for.

Have a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

Consider your customers influencers.  Family, friends, social groups, the culture scape- the life they live in. Determine what their general social norm is and how can you satisfy their concerns.  Then start mapping out the content you need to produce to link or embed on your site.

If it is a complex thing to explain, consider doing a short video.

Have someone on Fiverr edit it for you or if you know a creative teenager they will get it done for you faster than you could.  Remember to make sure you have an intro, logo and ending to each of your videos that are set.  YouTube has replaced TV and mimicked it some ways so make sure you develop that template as it is part of your overall branding.

digital marketing strategies graphic digital marketing strategy affects who your customers are.

Why the way you market affects who you attract as a customer.

Inspiration came while doing the laundry while in Cradle Mountain, while I was freezing my butt off, but was totally inspired.

Over promising and under delivering has become more and more of a habit.  It is imperative to provide the right context and content across platforms.  This way the user has a seamless journey and user experience, from device to device, and ad to page to conversion – sale/email/subscription.

Download Digital Marketing Strategies Campaign Template

I have mapped out this awesome template on how to do campaigns for your business and it got me thinking about how we market to our audience in the end attracts our tribe of clients. Sometimes when you get those cranky or disappointed customers it is because there is has been incongruity in what we have promised and what we have delivered.

Before you go live with a campaign; facebook/email/blog, you need to map out your plan and answer these questions.

  • Who is your person/client ?
  • What is their trigger? Why did they come to you?
    • How will your campaign service that trigger; that need or want?
  • Where are they at in their buyer journey?
    • awareness – just coming across you,
    • deliberation – is your business the right fit,
    • decision; what am I buying/committing to,
    • customer relationship management – how you engagement with post-purchase; thank you’s online.

Develop your digital marketing strategies around educating customers about your product/services.

Understanding their wants and needs, pitching in a way that makes your them feel that you understand them and then taking the extra effort in explaining how you can help, develops an education process about your small business offerings.   Then when you educate through the next points; email, FB, graphics, video tutorials or insights in a way that is aligned with your business culture; when they consume your product, they will feel the authenticity in every touch point with your business.

Targeted Marketing = Happy Customers

You’ll end up with a happy customer, not because you had the agenda to get them, but you have a great campaign, pitched around a great product/service that is delivered by yourself or your team.

Then not only will you be able to have a great business client base, it won’t be that hard to sell to them! It won’t even be selling, it will be like you present the information in a format that educates them and then when they call/purchase there will be a level of trust and outlook that they are going to have a great experience.

Influencing people who do buy from you.

Genuine customers who know you exist and your marketing aligns with them and their user experience can become an influencer for your business. At a conference one of the business presenters discussed how she wasn’t a Tesla car owner but aspired to be.influencer marketing rumble media

In her process to learn all she could about Tesla and her future dream car ,she inspired 3 people in her network to buy a Tesla. All because every touchpoint; test driving, email campaigns, social media campaigns that she experienced built up her conviction that this was the right car, not only for her but those who could afford to invest in one.

Influencers are your most valuable customers

You may not know who you are talking to and at which stage of their buying process they are at, but they could be the friend of the future or now buyer of your product/service.

Influencers are not just famous Instagrammers or celebrities, in fact, more and more so they are the following; friends, family and people you don’t know who will leave a review on social media or Google.  People will value their feedback over your sales pitch at a point in their buyer process.

No matter where you are in the marketing process of your business it is an exciting time to be a business owner/entrepreneur.

I hope this post has offered you some insights and confidence in being able to take the feedback from your clients; won and lost, and to design and implement a better digital marketing strategy that will get the magic sauce of what you do and how your business offers value to your right audience.

When you service your clients in a way that goes beyond the monetary exchange and takes into account that the human value they offer to your business is respected then we can have a great business environment where the good businesses stand out because of their service and product rather than who spends the most will win.

Good luck, be adventurous in how you market, that is where the big opportunities are.

Let Us Review Your Marketing Goals

We help Small Business Owners find the blind spots in their marketing strategy and campaigns so that you can make your marketing dollar go further.

I can’t help everybody… but if you’re selling your own information and services, have an e-commerce store or develop courses online and are ready to harness marketing automation to build and run a sustainable business, then I can help you.

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